Intuitive ReadingsWould you like to book Gabriella for a party? If you are in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut or surrounding areas, she is available to offer an Intuitive Reading Party. She will bring her easygoing, unconditionally loving manner into your home environment and will start the afternoon/night off with sharing about the journey of remembering love, while offering some laughter and ease. She will be available for all who desire to receive some intuitive guidance along their soul’s journey while in this human experience. Gabriella thoroughly enjoys connecting with people and connecting others with each other. You are in no better hands to feel comfortable receiving insight and encouragement…

How does Gabriella bring through messages and visions? She opens up the space for any angels, spirit guides, loved ones, etc, to come through with any guidance for you that you are ready to receive for your highest good. She does use some of Doreen Virtue’s angel cards as extra confirmation for you, but for the most part, she will allow for messages and visions uniquely suited to you, to come through. Messages and guidance are always received in the most unconditional, loving vibration… there is nothing to fear as what will be offered to you is only what you are ready to receive. 🙂

Welcome in what is desiring to come through for you… and let the desires of your heart be heard and manifested into your life experience. It merely takes a choice and a willingness to receive, and then to BE the love you are.



guidance from withinYou are extremely supported and guided… trust that you have so much love within you and around you, and let the warmth surround you, illuminating your steps forward.

*3 hour minimum booking for a party

*when you have a party, you receive a free reading and for each person that books a party of their own, you receive a check mark on a loyalty card in which you can receive another free reading or service of your choice*

Are you ready to bring your friends and family together for a fun, intuitive, love-filled evening? Contact Gabriella for more details and to plan a day and time that works for you. Just hit the “Contact Me” tab on the toolbar above.




3 Hour Party – Local (Gabriella is located in Chicopee, MA)


3 Hour Party – Two or more hours travel

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