Book Testimonials

“Gabriella is a rare individual that comes along just once in a blue moon. She is a gifted writer but more than that, she speaks to you from the deepest part of the heart and soul.

Her commitment to love is so profound that I am filled with joy as I feel her energy.

For anyone out there who desires to meet their twin-flame or connect with their soul-mate, I urge you to get her book!”

    In deepest respect and inspiration,
    ~Faith Spina

“Gabriella’s book embraces you with such love and compassion as you discover your path to Soul Mate Love along your journey. The mini-exercises throughout the book is such an ingenious way to help the reader truly take the time to fully look at themselves in such a deep way that really helps to connect with what it is a…bout yourself that you want to find the vibrational match for. Each exercise offers another chance to reexamine another self-aspect of who you are at this moment. So along with amazing insightful relationship guidance and mentoring, she also has shared with the reader, a self help tool to truly prepare yourself to be the best Soul Mate you can be to yourself as well as another. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to attract their Soul Mate. While teaching you the importance to Let go of SEARCHING for that special One, it is a great book to remind you how important living in this moment IS the moment to be able to manifest what your heart desires.”

    ~Katherine Macias

Twin Flame Love Testimonials

“I’ve had only one session with Gabriella, assisting me with the delicate and meaningful choices that I have within the loving relationships I presently have in my life. Through her deep, soulful listening, and her sharing of her deep experience with the soul mate urges and energies, I gained enough inner guidance within this one session for me to make my own heart-guided choices within my life, and within relationships. Gabriella guides you with her heart, and you can’t help but find your own heart’s desires within this soulful space of sharing, that she not only creates, but allows effortlessly. She is a loving gift which you can give your Self… she enables a deep connectedness with your Self which is so precious, especially at this time of great change.”

    New Mexico

“Gabriella showed compassion and kindness throughout the session, without judgement or criticism. She explored my situation in detail with me and allowed her intuition to guide her when communicating with me. Her insight was reassuring and gave me the confidence to continue to explore my own spiritual growth.

Thank you Gabriella!”

    Stella, London

“I recently had a Twin Flame mentoring session with Gabriella. I was a little bit apprehensive and nervous at first, but upon speaking to Gabriella those feelings immediately vanished. I instantly felt her warmth and willingness to assist me with my questions. Sharing with her came with ease. I loved the way she allowed things to unfold naturally and without force. She answered all my questions and in the end I looked upon my relationship with my Twin from a new perspective, her explanation about cultivating our individuality has changed and shaped my life and relationship in ways I could have never imagined prior to my Twin Flame mentoring session. Since then I have restored faith and everyday has become a new and exciting adventure and I must say I am living for today and embracing all that it has to offer me and my flame. She explained things to me in ways that helped me to see things in a new light. My experience with her and the investment I made in my Twin Flame mentoring session was and will remain priceless. Thank you again, Gabriella and to anyone who is considering receiving a Twin Flame mentoring session, I highly recommend it.

    Salt Lake City, Utah

“Gabriella is the true Goddess of love! She sees through all the egoic stuff that we carry around with us… all the stuff that prevents us from stepping into true and unconditional love. She has a very authentic and in-depth understanding of the energetic aspects of twin and soul mate relationships and has given me very practical and concrete advice as to how to move forward into love. The intuitive reading I had with Gabriella described my relationship to my own twin very accurately and it has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of how to merge into union, as opposed to withdraw into separation. I can highly recommend working with Gabriella if you are devoted to finding true love, and dare to step into the un-comfort of dealing with your own emotions and thought patterns in order to heal and become whole.”

    Mette Muller,
    Intuitive Healer & Coach,

Intuitive Reading Testimonials

“My angel reading with Gabriella was a most wonderful and uplifting experience. I was a bit skeptical at first having never met Gabriella in person, but within minutes I found her to be so wonderfully open and genuine that I could not help but trust her. Aside from Gabriella’s friendly nature, I thought the angel reading itself was very personally relevant! I laughed, I cried (in a good way), and I was given hope and direction for the future. I also experienced a great feeling of comfort after learning about my guardian angel’s identity and purpose. I recommend angel readings to everyone I know who has an open mind, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having another one of my own in the future!”


“Gabriella’s Angel readings are like an x-ray into your soul. Profound, gentle, and full of love. Definitely a healing experience!”

     Greenwich, CT
     Emotional Freedom Coach

“I had a Angel Reading. I was amazed as the last few days changed. I had the reading and thought that I couldn’t possibly have this happen. The reading went back a couple months ago. The reading revealed that changes would come about, I thought that wouldn’t happen. Boy, did I have to eat my words. Everything that was predicted has happened over the last few days. EVERYTHING.
I never saw the changes coming, they came on so fast once they started.

The Angels knew what was going to happen and foreseen these things coming. Gabriella can read with the Angels very well. I am very pleased with the changes. They have been a God send for me. And I will just say, it has been a great change in direction.
But I am just amazed at the reading. It was so true, down to every detail. I plan on having more as the days come. I just love those readings.

I would recommend these readings for everyone. They will reveal the truth coming your way. Many Blessings to Gabriella Hartwell for her work. She is great.”

     Shirley Fields
     Cherryville N.C.

“Gabriella is a dear sister in my heart – she has ministered humanity in ways that are candid and easy. There is this precious feel of closeness with her that makes spiritual growth feel like a casual chat with a dear friend. I cherish her and offer her talents with my desire for your best.”

     Kapaa, Hawaii

“I am truly grateful for my Angel Reading by Gabriella. Gabriella’s reading made me feel so uplifted, inspired, encouraged and especially gave me HOPE! Not only did she provide specific details about my soulmate, but she also provided specific details about other areas of my life. WOW, I was pleasantly surprised and truly impressed. Thank You Gabriella for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you to help others.”


“My Angel Reading was very insightful, and right on target. I feel that I have met a true spirit that actually cares about the people that need her services. I believe Gabriella and the reading that was given for me was extremely accurate and thought provoking. I encourage anyone who has a need to connect to their inner self and spirit to allow Gabriella to give you a reading! I highly recommend!”

     South Carolina

“Gabriella is a genuine soul with a truly divine gift. She has a powerful presence and speaks with quiet confidence and truth. The information I received was very accurate, heartfelt and exactly what I needed to hear. What a beautiful gift to receive! Thank you so much!”

     Courtney Nigh
     Central Point, OR

“My intuitive readings with Gabriella were very comforting and
insightful. They reinforced my trust in my own intuition which brought
me much needed peace. She has a marvelous gift and is definitely a
pioneer in the field of Twin Flame/Soul Mate exploration. Having a
first-hand knowledge on the subject she can assist with compassion and
non-judgment as these types of relationships operate on a different
basis and can only be fully understood by those who have experienced
their challenges and blessings.”

    Isabelle – New York

“Gabriella, I want to say thank you so much for the reading you have provided for me on Nov 28th 2012. Everything that was discussed was all I needed to hear to confirm what I have been feeling for so long. Ever since the reading, I have seen everything you stated unfold in my life that quickly. I always reference back to refresh to myself all that was said. You are a wonderful person and a great friend on this beautiful journey called Life. God Bless you!”

     Olivia Guess Bolton
     South Carolina

“I have struggled with my self worth and so many things in my life. Gabriella has always been kind and loving. She and I set up a date to do a reading at the beginning of July 2012.
Her gentle way of reading what was in my heart and helping resolve my issues that have always blocked my path of love, from the help she gave me at that reading, I learned so much and have grown so very much. I would suggest her readings to anyone who needs a loving friend to help guide you on your journey.”

    L.D. – Utah

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