Twin Flame Love Sessions

These sessions are done like a conversation. I ask that you send me an email prior to having a session where you explain to me your story with your twin flame, your journey up to this point. There are a lot of emotions, as we are in human bodies, as you continue on the path towards deep unconditional love with your twin flame, your beloved. During these steps, it helps tremendously to have someone to listen, to understand, to offer support in any way that is needed with the utmost love, acceptance and kindness. There may be soul mate relationships along the way, which are an essential step in the process of preparing to be with your divinely planned partnership with your twin flame. Through the journey of being with your beloved, you are called to release any behaviors, emotions, beliefs that are based in separation and to merge fully in union consciousness. I am here to help you with this as well as anything else that you feel you would like assistance with. Every twin flame relationship is unique in their own ways – even though there are many aspects which are the same. I desire to get to know your intimate details so I can assist you as best I can towards smoothing and paving your path towards reunion in all ways.

Note: Because it takes time to read emails before the session, there is a 4 page limit that is included within the hour session price. If your details go beyond that, there is a $2 per page fee, which we can discuss in more detail if this applies to you.

Send me an email

Twin Flame Love Sessions are done for the purpose of helping you to understand the process of soul mate and twin flame relationships, thoroughly expanding your awareness in an unconditional loving manner. You will see how all of your relationships have made you who you are today, as you come to a place of honoring them in their own ways, for it is important to see all the energy you have experienced and shared in past relationships through the light of love. It is this deep love that constantly grows within you that you merge and share with your twin flame. To come together in all ways, there needs to be this ever expanding, limitless increasing frequency of love in your hearts, with the desire to give and give some more… these twin flame love sessions will aid you in understanding your specific twin flame journey on a much deeper level, honoring all the steps, experiences and relationships that have brought you to where you are at this moment, and helping you to stay true to your faith, your love and your knowing that your reunion is part of your experience in this lifetime, however this reunion is meant to happen with a strong sense of integrating the truth that there is no separation between you and your twin flame.

Singles Sessions

One Hour
Twin Flame Love Session – $111

Couples Sessions

One Hour
Couples Twin Flame Love Session – $165

1 1/2 Hour Intuitive Reading / Love Session Combo

In this combo package, we will start with an Intuitive Reading to see what guidance would like to come through for you and then ease our way into the Love Session to take what came through in the reading into a more profound, deep place for discussion and focus. I will not place a limit on your reading as the moment will let us know when to make our way into exchange through the love session. This is a way for you to truly, right in the moment, on the spot, take the insight / guidance / messages that come through in your reading right into a thorough intimate sharing with one another.

1 1/2 Hour Sessions: $201

Multi-Week Discount Packages – Phone Only

Four Weekly (or Bi-Weekly) 1 Hour
Twin Flame Love Sessions – $399.60
Save $44.40

Six Weekly (or Bi-Weekly) 1 Hour
Twin Flame Love Sessions – $599.40
Save $66.60

Eight Weekly (or Bi-Weekly) 1 Hour
Twin Flame Love Sessions – $754.80
Save $133.20

Multi-Week Discount Packages – Phone and Email

Includes phone sessions plus unlimited email access throughout the weeks of the package.

Weekly 1 Hour Twin Flame Love Sessions
4 Sessions Weekly $599.60
6 Sessions Weekly $899.40
8 Sessions Weekly $1,154.80

How many sessions?

Bi-Weekly 1 Hour Twin Flame Love Sessions
4 Sessions Bi-Weekly $799.60
6 Sessions Bi-Weekly $1199.40
8 Sessions Bi-Weekly $1,554.80

How many sessions?

Twin Flame Love Testimonials

“I’ve had only one session with Gabriella, assisting me with the delicate and meaningful choices that I have within the loving relationships I presently have in my life. Through her deep, soulful listening, and her sharing of her deep experience with the soul mate urges and energies, I gained enough inner guidance within this one session for me to make my own heart-guided choices within my life, and within relationships. Gabriella guides you with her heart, and you can’t help but find your own heart’s desires within this soulful space of sharing, that she not only creates, but allows effortlessly. She is a loving gift which you can give your Self… she enables a deep connectedness with your Self which is so precious, especially at this time of great change.”

    New Mexico

“Gabriella showed compassion and kindness throughout the session, without judgement or criticism. She explored my situation in detail with me and allowed her intuition to guide her when communicating with me. Her insight was reassuring and gave me the confidence to continue to explore my own spiritual growth.

Thank you Gabriella!”

    Stella, London

“I recently had a Twin Flame mentoring session with Gabriella. I was a little bit apprehensive and nervous at first, but upon speaking to Gabriella those feelings immediately vanished. I instantly felt her warmth and willingness to assist me with my questions. Sharing with her came with ease. I loved the way she allowed things to unfold naturally and without force. She answered all my questions and in the end I looked upon my relationship with my Twin from a new perspective, her explanation about cultivating our individuality has changed and shaped my life and relationship in ways I could have never imagined prior to my Twin Flame mentoring session. Since then I have restored faith and everyday has become a new and exciting adventure and I must say I am living for today and embracing all that it has to offer me and my flame. She explained things to me in ways that helped me to see things in a new light. My experience with her and the investment I made in my Twin Flame mentoring session was and will remain priceless. Thank you again, Gabriella and to anyone who is considering receiving a Twin Flame mentoring session, I highly recommend it.

    Salt Lake City, Utah

“Gabriella is the true Goddess of love! She sees through all the egoic stuff that we carry around with us… all the stuff that prevents us from stepping into true and unconditional love. She has a very authentic and in-depth understanding of the energetic aspects of twin and soul mate relationships and has given me very practical and concrete advice as to how to move forward into love. The intuitive reading I had with Gabriella described my relationship to my own twin very accurately and it has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of how to merge into union, as opposed to withdraw into separation. I can highly recommend working with Gabriella if you are devoted to finding true love, and dare to step into the un-comfort of dealing with your own emotions and thought patterns in order to heal and become whole.”

    Mette Muller,
    Intuitive Healer & Coach,

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