Live in the NOW, Let Go, and Move On

Life can sometimes send us challenges, people in our lives can challenge us. Through that challenge, we are offered a chance to find a deeper love within ourselves for that person and most importantly, for ourselves. I do believe that unconditional love starts with yourself first before it can then be shared with someone else. There are times when you need to let go, allow yourself the healing beauty of being in the present moment, release the past, release all the pain and anything that may have been created as a result. You are perfect in this moment, all you have experienced up to now has been perfect to show you the strength and glorious light within your being. What you choose to do now, is within your power to create – however you feel someone else may react is not important – put energy into how you feel, be true to your inner voice. More beauty can be experienced. I have come across an old and familiar song that has new meaning for me now…I want to share it below so that you may gain some insight and find inspiration in letting go, letting be, and moving on.

All my love profoundly,

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