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Touch validates life and gives hope to both the receiver and the giver.” ~ Irene Smith

Gabriella is a North Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist, residing in Asheville, NC. She also has an active California and Massachusetts massage license. She has received her massage education at The Massage School in Easthampton, Massachusetts and her pre-natal certification at the Monterey Institute of Touch, in Carmel Valley, CA. She is dedicated to offering different modalities in the comfort of your own home, so that you can relax, unwind, and release, without having to travel. Services offered are Pregnancy Massage, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue, and Swedish, with extras, such as aromatherapy, foot and scalp massage.


Stimulating, Soothing Scalp Massage

10 extra mins of massage on the scalp, including fingers through the hair for extra relaxation. This includes a rosemary/lavender essential oil blend rubbed into the scalp, unless you prefer not to have this included. $10


Customized blend of essential oils to enhance your relaxation experience. The oils chosen will be determined after discussing your particular preferences, likes and intention for the massage experience. $10

Foot Massage

10 extra mins of foot massage, to ease the muscles, nerves, tendons in this sensitive, nurturing spot. Included in this extra add-on is organic lotion blended with peppermint essential oil. $10



Swedish Massage

Pressure is light to medium, which includes long, flowing strokes, with an emphasis on relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Pressure is firm to deep, including trigger point therapy and elbows, to isolate and release those tight, sore muscles at key target areas.

$75 ~ 60 mins (1 hour)
$105 ~ 90 mins (1 hour and half)
$150 ~ 120 mins (2 hours)
*note* ~ there may be a travel fee if you are 11 miles or more to drive from area code 28801 (Asheville)
1-10 miles ~ free
11-20 miles ~ $30
21-30 ~ $50
31-40 ~ $70

Couples Massage

Couples Massage is where you can receive a massage at the same time and in the same space, if preferred, as your Beloved or another person. Your preference of depth of pressure will be customized to what you need. They can also be done back to back instead of the same time, if another therapist isn’t available, and if you prefer. It is also available for you to have a group of people receiving massage. You can customize this for your particular needs.

$150 ~ 60 mins (2 hours total)
$210 ~ 90 mins (3 hours total)
$300 ~ 120 mins (4 hours total)



Pre-Natal Pregnancy Massage

Gabriella offers in home pre-natal massage and provides comfortable cushions and pillows for your relaxation. She is passionate about not only providing ease and peace to a pregnant woman, but also infusing that energy into the unborn child as well. Everyone benefits and receives. In addition, couples massage is available so that your love can also receive a massage.

$85 ~60 mins (1 hour)
$111 ~ 90 mins (1 hour and half)
$155 ~ 120 mins (2 hours)


*For EVERY type of massage ~ I accept credit card, paypal, cash, for payment. If you order here on my website first, please send me an email to set up a time and day for the massage. PLEASE NOTE ~ all massages are done in your own home, hotel, airBnB, etc.*


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“I have received several massages from Gabriella over the last few months. I have found her work to be tremendously healing and helpful. Her work helped my body to release tension from my neck and shoulders that was giving me headaches. And, I found that she was able to tune into where my body was holding tension. Her Deep Tissue work is very thorough and she was able to listen to my body. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for an excellent therapeutic massage.”
~ Michelle,
  Sebastopol, CA

“I’ve known Gabriella for almost ten years and it comes as no surprise that she would pursue a wellness field like massage therapy. I’ve been a subject of hers while she attended massage school and continued to make house calls thereafter. Her technique can be as soft or as firm as you request and the experience is very therapeutic. I can’t wait to have another session with Gabriella as her work is very professional, relaxing and medicinal.”
  Chicopee, MA