All is Connected Existing as Co-creators Together, Magnifying Truth and Love

All is Connected Existing as Co-creators Together, Magnifying Truth and Love

You are the embers of the fire as it ignites its warmth and spreads it to all that come near
You are the raindrops entering into the world as they wash away the perceived pain of existence
You are the wind as it softly caresses all that is, ruffling the leaves in the trees,
You are the sun as it shines its light onto all that is alive, inspiring others to feel the truth of life, to open arms up to the power of knowing that life is meant to be lived as a child lives, free to be, free to play, free to see, free to be free
You are the air, giving breath to all it encounters with no judgment, merging with the being of all connecting into divine knowledge
You are the night as it refreshes what was into what will be
You are the day as it illuminates the path into destiny for all to follow
You are the moon, instilling beauty with your glow, your shadow of translucence
You are the stars, glowing with the truth of what is, what has been, and what will be
You are time, changing, shaping, and breaking boundaries existing with all of eternity at the same instance
You are peace, fulfilling the agreement of our collective souls by expressing through action the vision of kindness, understanding, and love
You are the embodiment of goodness, beaming with the confidence that we are all protected and guided to where we should be, at any given moment
You are truth, revealing all that is real to those who you encounter, without expectation, without attempting to push what is real into their minds
we are all on journeys of growth at different levels, neither good nor bad
You are passion, satisfying your inherent desire for intimacy by displaying the love within your soul, such a profound emotion of oneness with another
all that is done through love is an act of heaven
do not deny your natural essence
You are beauty, expressing yourself through the nuances of change – your physical form is only an illusion
You are love, easing your essence into your words, your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, molding into who you are; love, personified and intoxicated with being alive.

Author: Gabriella

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