Letting Go

It was a dark night when pain lurked beneath the essence of me
Hidden and hovering so closely edged in the corners of memory
It was so easy to push the images inside and throw some smiles on top
Happiness is a companion beside me that I have become familiar with
One that during times of darkness, I am thankful for the company
“Never take things personally,” is one of the mottos I live my life by,
yet that can be easier said than done at times,
the brain is a complex myriad space of knowledge,
A childlike mind can’t separate the action from the intention
and all the love in the world won’t help to clarify the motive
The truth remains, the truth burns, the truth hurts
What was done cannot be undone
Any spiritual master knows how words cannot erase actions,
The imprint of the hands, the fingers are still teasing, still releasing
Forgiveness is a personal matter,
existing within the inner chambers of the heart and is only felt,
only known within the core of who is letting go
in an act of selfish anticipation of receiving, the vermon is pushed,
warped, and transferred to the innocence of a child
who at that time was not aware.
It is time, finally time,
to release, fully release,
to forgive, wholly forgive,
to embrace, completely embrace
the beauty that is me
the woman that is me
All moments have been perfect
to shape the woman that is me.

In the tears, there is truth,
In laughter, there is truth,
In all, there is truth.
I aim to find it, embrace it and take it with me.

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