The Moment of NOW

I call you, dream master
I welcome you, dearest angels
to meet me in the night, when my breathing has become true
to run with me through the visions of all that is,
where the past and future merge with the present, in the NOW
teach me to rhyme as I knew when I was a child
show me how to laugh in the most profound form
connect me to the essence of all that is pure and good
it is the truth that I can be sure is within me
the presence of the divinity in the manifestation of my self.

I bow to you, dream master
I kneel at your feet, dearest angels
as your whispers greet my eager ears
anticipating the next sign to guide me on this chosen path
be with me as my emotions calm these nerves
sit with me as I explore the nuances of the woman that is me
remind me of the beauty that breathes so naturally within me
that weaves its magic so eloquently around me
that intimately moves its presence upon me
that softly flows so deeply through me.

I thank you, dream master
I honor you, dearest angels
Experience is a strong teacher
I will heed your words, notice the signs,
follow the steps, and embrace the NOW.
The moment of now is where manifestations are born.

Live for the moment now

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