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Let your Human Design Bring Clarity to Your Life Path

Have you Wondered how you are wired and why Certain Behavior Patterns make you feel Comfortable?

I was joined by Lynette Hagins, a Certified Living Design Guide for Human Design. She has been experimenting with her own design, radically, for 3 years. Lynette is able to provide Chart Overviews and she works with people during their deconditioning process – providing support. Human Design is a mechanical system that reveals how each of us is energetically designed to operate on this plane. Human Design reveals who you are (and who you are not) on a cellular level. It not only gives you an overview of yourself, but it gives you actual tools – called Strategy and Authority – and simply by experimenting with these tools, a cellular transformation begins to take place. This transformation, over time, aligns you with who you really are and as a result, your Uniqueness begins to emerge. By living out our Uniqueness (instead of our mind’s bidding) we, in turn, are living out our purpose here – and playing our part as a part of the Whole of humanity.

Join us, as Lynette shares more on Human Design and we will also go over a litle bit of my chart so you can get an idea of how this all works. To learn more about human design and Lynette, you may visit her website here: Authority in You

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