Take Care of Yourself by Being Correct With Your Energy

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by Lynette Hagins

“If you allow someone to be who they are and they allow you to be who you are, then that’s Love . Anything else is torture.” ~ Ra Uru Hu

When Gabriella suggested that I might want to contribute some writing on the topic of Relationships, I have to admit, I was stumped. Given my view on relationships what could I possibly have to say on the subject?
The opening quote pretty much says it all. Who is Ra Uru Hu? Ra is the founder of the Human Design System. I can’t talk about relationships without bringing in Human Design, because this is the information I use to navigate everything in my life, relationships included.

Before I met this information I approached relationships as something I needed in order to feel okay about myself. I felt needy, like I was incomplete in some way without having the other in my life. I never honestly believed that I would ever be totally okay without the ‘significant other’ in my life. I thought I would be DOOMED! What I learned was – Newsflash: I am perfectly okay – exactly the way I am. Yup. There is nothing or no one that needs to be ‘added’ to me, to make me more me! In fact, the opposite happens. Put me in a room with another person and I become conditioned or colored by their life force as it mixes with my own. Now, there is nothing wrong with this kind of conditioning as long as I have a real sense of who I am, otherwise, I begin making decisions based on the conditioning, rather than my true self. We are conditioned by people (and planetary transits) in every moment, so it would seem, to me anyway, to have a really good handle on who YOU are – would be the best place to start. In Human Design we call this: Having your own authority. How do you make decisions in your own life? Who or what influences you to do the things you do? This system reveals that you have a way to make decisions that is correct for you. This is what Loving Yourself means: Taking care of yourself by being correct with your energy. By getting in touch with that unshakeable sense of truth that lives in the cells of your own body, you have something solid that you can rely on to navigate everything you do! Including how to proceed with or enter into a relationship with another person! You benefit. They benefit. Everyone gets exactly what they are intended to get including an increased sense of love, respect , and tolerance for themselves and the other person.

The most vital relationship remains, the one with myself. I have learned over time, it’s not about what I think I want, but what I already am, in each moment. Everything else just takes care of itself and my life continues to unfold with the perfect cast of supporting characters.

About Lynette Hagins

Lynette Hagins is a Certified Living Design Guide for Human Design. She has been experimenting with her own design, radically, for 3 years. Lynette is able to provide Chart Overviews and she works with people during their deconditioning process – providing support. Human Design is a mechanical system that reveals how each of us is energetically designed to operate on this plane. Human Design reveals who you are (and who you are not) on a cellular level. It not only gives you an overview of yourself, but it gives you actual tools – called Strategy and Authority – and simply by experimenting with these tools, a cellular transformation begins to take place. This transformation, over time, aligns you with who you really are and as a result, your Uniqueness begins to emerge. By living out our Uniqueness (instead of our mind’s bidding) we, in turn, are living out our purpose here – and playing our part as a part of the Whole of humanity.

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  1. Lynette: I knew Paul years ago. I heard he passed suddenly. I was shocked. He loved you very much and no one ever came close. He was a friend and poet of mine. No more. Would you tell me what happened? I hope you are doing well. Thanks, Leonore p.s. Two of my very best friends took their lives. It has devastated me. Seems like Paul did the same.