Twin Flame Reunions are Now Unfolding to Bring Us into Union Consciousness

There have been many shifts, individually and collectively, that have moved us from separation into union. As the days unfold, there will be many more of these instances that bring us into deeper awareness of ourselves and the inner truth that truly is our reality. We will continue to release anything that is an illusion, all that is based in the vibration of separation. This is what brings us ever deeper into union consciousness.

Part of bringing us all back to the truth of true, deep, eternal unconditional love is the reunion in all ways of the twin flames that have agreed to come together now to anchor the messages of true authentic relationships of love that move us beyond separation, beyond the mind and into the profound recesses of the heart. So much more to come! This is an exciting time. Enjoy every moment of this journey as there are so many gifts you are receiving with each day that enfolds you…

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