I Knew I Loved You ~ Celine Dion

I knew I loved you
Before I knew you
The hands of time
Would lead me to you
An evening star
Was from afar
It guided me here
It knew you’d be here
Now wrapped in moonlight
At last together
Here in the incandescent glow
We are all we need to know
As we softly please each other
‘Til the stars and shadow glow
And we sleep
With our dreams around us.
Oooohhhh ahhh
Ooohhhh oh yeahhh
It guided me
It knew you’d be here
I knew I loved you
Before I found you
I knew I’d built my world around you
Now all my days
And all my nights
And my tomorrows
Will all begin
And end
With you…
With you…

Author: Gabriella

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  1. And do yourselves a HUGE favor – Mireille Mathieu.Everything she’s ever sung, in 9 perfectly enunciated languages, for the last 47 years.

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