Let go of Labels

Perhaps you have found yourself staring off into space and getting stuck within a corner of your soul that you have not yet comtemplated or analyzed enough to figure out your own feelings. It is within those spaces between the you that you think you know and the you that you have yet to discover which define you, yet if you look closely enough, you will realize that these areas can’t be defined because they are always changing and taking on different forms.

There are many times in the past, and even recently, where my ego has invaded my mind, attempting to put a label on who I am and trying to thwart my experience of life by hindering my growth. Labels are death traps that render you helpless as they try to control you. Your behavior, actions, words, thoughts, and emotions are attached to these unhealthy labels. It is your duty to break free – that is why you are here on this earth – to break free and be who you were meant to be. Your actions do not define you. Your emotions do not define you. Your thoughts do not define you. Your words do not define you. Nothing is you unless you allow it to be. If you don’t like an action you did, don’t do it again. If you don’t like a thought that comes into your head, change it. If you don’t like words you said, let them go. If you don’t like an emotion you are feeling, counteract it with a new one. You can change any aspect of a label that you have attached to yourself because labels are things that stay the same, and you NEVER are the same. From one day to the next, you awake a new being, and you are given the opportunity to create yourself again in that day.

Bask in the greatness of being and let go of the belief that you HAVE TO DO OR BE a certain way. Let it go. Embrace the truth – reject the lies.


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