Enjoy the Journey on the Path to your Destination

I have been pondering, back and forth, and I have been hibernating within my mind recently as my heart beats intensely through the eyes of love. I have traveled to California on the wings of love, intimately guided by synchronicities and connections, persuasions and truths acknowledged from the spiritual realm. I was welcomed upon my arrival here with more coincidences and guidance, which only increased my excitement and confirmation that this is where my heart is home, this is nearer to the destiny that has called me. I have had some unexpected pleasures and also bumps along this road. I have been contemplating these pleasures and these bumps (that I feel I may have created myself) because I wonder if I can cause a rupture in getting to my destination (which ultimately is my home, where my heart dances, my soul breathes and all of who I am is in harmony). However, I am conflicted, because even though I know where I am going, aren’t I supposed to enjoy the journey along that path? If I enjoy the pleasurable scenery along the way, does that make my destination come later than if I were only focusing on getting there?

The Law of Attraction states that one needs to have their thoughts, feelings and actions in synch with each other to bring forth that which is intending to be manifested. However, what does that truly mean? How far do we go and how does this statement coincide with the idea of living in the present moment? If I am intending something that is in the future and am focusing on it, but then not allowing myself to find pleasure and enjoy that pleasure in the now, then won’t my intended manifestation always be in the future because I am not allowing myself to enjoy the journey along the way? Won’t my expectation and belief that I am heading towards that destination be enough to cause me to walk into it as I am going about my present moments? If my destination involves another soul, won’t the universe conspire to bring us together when the time is right for the both of us? Perhaps when I feel the time is right, or rather the anticipation becomes so intense that I am impatient for the time to be now, it IS not the right time. When I am feeling this way, I have found that I want to pull away from the pleasure I am finding in the present in a fear perhaps that I am postponing my intended destination, which by no means do I want to do. Ultimately, I want to enjoy the journey along the path to my destination. I know where my home is, and I am excited to be there and I want this other soul to enjoy his journey along the path to our destination together as well.

Have patience and keep taking one step at a time…those steps are leading you into the future you desire…

Jordin Sparks ~ One Step at a Time


Your image emerges within my memory
I am transported to your side,
inspired by the simplicity of who I am.
The energy of you sustains me
and eases my mind into spirit.
My true nature is peace,
peace with life,
peace in love,
peace in being.
I am addicted, so to speak
as my ego becomes weak,
losing the game of tug of war.
There is strength within my being that I connect with when I look into your eyes,
which overflow with the intensity of emotion that I feel for you
I feel of you
I feel with you
I feel beside you
I feel around you
I feel you.
You are the sanctuary I have always known,
the sanctuary I created before and after my birth.
You may say that beholding your form
and remember the essence that is you
has been a re-birth of me.
I am transformed
I am free
I am me and you
I am me in you.


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