You Choose your Destiny

I have been asked the question many times whether I believe in destiny, considering that I work with it in a way as an Intuitive Relationship Life Coach. I help people connect with the love inside of themselves and therefore, bring the soul that is part of them to their life in the physical. Yes, I do believe in destiny, however you have to choose your destiny. Free will is a wonderful and real part of life. You need to allow yourself the beautiful opportunity of living in the present moment so that you can notice the signs the universe sends to you to guide you and then choose to accept your destiny by taking the steps necessary to walk into it. This is a fun process because the action that you are inspired to take will be exciting. However, many of the times you will need to confront your fears along the way. Fear is the only thing that keeps you from experiencing all that you have planned to experience and that you are longing for. Unforgiveness, anger, etc all stem from fear and these things are also holding you back. Let go of everything that you may be holding onto because it is familiar. If it is no longer serving you by helping you to elevate your spiritual growth and energy, then it needs to be released.
If you don’t release all of these things that block you from living in the now, then you may miss the signs guiding you to your destiny, and therefore, it will be longer before you can experience the path you laid out for yourself, the home that you are longing to return to. It has always been the time to let go and the time to allow yourself to feel the love inside of you so that you can remember where you want to go. Allow yourself to choose your destiny. The results will be powerful and almost instantaneous.


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