Letting Go: Essential for Spiritual Growth

Everyone that has come into your life has done so for a reason. We have chosen to come to earth to experience spiritual growth, and we are all on our own paths. We are not all here to accomplish the same tasks, however one thing that remains the same is that we are growing. There are people that will challenge us, yet through those challenges, we become stronger, and it merely takes a moment for us to stop to realize this so that we can thank them for the challenge. Our ego gets involved when we feel the urge to yell at them or curse them, complain about them or shun them…but there is another truth important here. These people that challenge us, and even some that don’t, are not always meant to be forever within our lives throughout a lifetime. Perhaps we need to learn something from them, and vice versa (for we are always learning from each other), and then we move on. It may not always be necessary for us to remain physically beside each other, though of course you will always be a part of anyone you have had contact with, for we are all a part of each other.

It may be essential for your spiritual growth to part ways with another soul, and in that parting there are a lot of emotions, because it is hard to part with someone you have a strong soul connection with. Allow yourself to feel those emotions for they also an important part of your spiritual growth…there is intense love in letting go.

Side note: when a relationship has to end, why end it on a sour note? Thank the person for all that you have learned and experienced with him/her, forgive, and send love. There is intense love in letting go. There isn’t any need to end with negative feelings for the “end” has happened for a reason. Be thankful for the chance to experience more in life and more opportunities for your soul to grow…

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