Becoming Alive and Awake

This was a dream I had Wednesday morning: My mother and a male person was digging up Jesus’s grave, took the body out (he had long hair), and took the body to the river. They immersed the body into the river (the water), and when the body was lifted up from the water, Jesus became alive, awakening with each breath. He said something that I couldn’t make out. He was then given my contact information, how to get ahold of me and was aware of our connection and many connections in previous lifetimes. Even though he awoke within Jesus’s body, he was in another body in this lifetime, and he had a little scar on the left side of his face near the eye. His hair was shorter in this lifetime.

He then took direct action to contact me, actually called me on the phone, sang a little bit at the beginning of the message and then spoke some things in the message. I then returned his call and we connected, directly communicating via the telephone. We shared about a past life we had together and made arrangements to meet in person. The dream then fast forwarded to this meeting and I saw him driving the car as he was in the car with 2 or 3 other people. I awoke just as he had parked the car and was about to get out, and I was exiting the door to where I was, for our reunion.

I awoke…before I was able to see our actual physical reunion…

And then later in the day, as my sister turns the TV on, a woman says to a man on some show, “He came back from the dead and then they reunited.” It is amazing literally how we are always connecting to our twin flames, we are always communicating, and the universe is always reflecting that connection and communication back to us…as are our twins directly. My twin directly expressed a reference to coming alive this same day…he is in alignment with our connection, I truly love him. I am here always, in all ways to him, and for him.

You may be wondering what the “Jesus” reference is in the dream…let me explain. The image of the person Jesus and the energy surrounding him is the awakening of the God essence within the male…and the awakening of the Mary energy within the female is awakening to the Goddess essence within the female. In addition, awakening to this Jesus energy and essence and becoming alive right here and now in this lifetime is allowing for the connection to the balance of that energy of you, which is the female counterpart of you, your twin flame. When the male becomes alive and awakened to this connection to the female counterpart and the God essence within him, he makes way for the deeper connection and communication to his true love partner, and in so doing, he paves the path for physical reunion to the female essence, divine partner that he loves so deeply, and knows of within the core of his being.

Since I had this dream, I am aware of what the scar means…it is a sign of the ego making its mark but even though it has made a mark does not mean that it has to control. It really is a choice and it is not hard to let go of its control once we are awake and alive to be aware. The ego can be our companion on our journey of life and not take us away from living, from being, from loving.

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