The Balance of Holding Intentions and Being in the Moment Right Now

Have you heard of the law of attraction? Do you know how it applies to relationships and sharing in love with another as you profoundly desire? There is a very important aspect within this law that many do not focus on in depth, but not only is it important, it is necessary for your happiness as well as your continuous faith and belief in the universe and your ability to create and manifest within your life experience. What is this aspect? It is letting go and allowing yourself the balance of being right here, right now in the moment while also sending your intentions into the universe, believing and knowing that they will manifest at the perfect time. The person you are seeking is seeking you and the relationship you desire to be in and play in is being created as you continue to be you, in the moment, right now. Don’t wait until this person comes to choose to be happy, don’t focus all of your attention on when this will happen because that way your creation will always be in the future. Yes, put your attention on the intentions that you also release…but know within your heart that it will be, keep it in your heart and release, to be here now.

Imagine this: You have a balloon, and you release it. It goes higher and higher, as it eventually disappears from your direct vision. Even though you can’t see it right in front of your eyes, you know that it is still on its path and will arrive at where it is meant to when it is meant to. You can keep the vision of it within your heart and there it will remain with you. This is the same for whatever it is that you desire to create…you can hold a vision, release it, keep the vision within your heart, and know that it is coming to you in the right time as it takes a step by step process on its path. It also depends on each individual on how long this process takes, because we have other experiences and other relationships to go through so we learn, we heal, we release the old ways of being so that we can enter into the love relationship that our hearts truly wish to experience.

Keep your emotions, the love, the visions that you have for all it is that you wish to create, and know that everything is absolutely in divine perfect order. Allow yourself to fully know this as you embrace the perfect moment here for you right now, to learn, to heal, to release, more and more as you continue to elevate yourself on the ladder of unconditional love.