Union: Necessary to Release Separation

Everything I know…I know only because I love. ~Leo Tolstoy (War and Peace)

The rain slowly falls from the sky onto the pavement and trickles off the leaves of the tree, adding a rhythm to my own tears joining them into freedom. I have been called recently to share about the topic of union, and since this word as well as all that goes along with it is etched so deeply within my being, I will be writing many pieces on it, perhaps for the rest of my life.

I have just finished watching the movie THE LAST STATION about Leo Tolstoy, his work, his messages and the love/relationship that he shared with his wife. Everything happens in its divine order, and this has now sparked a profound interest within me to read more of his words in all the forms he pieced them together.

It is now time to release all ideas of separation so that union can truly be experienced and felt. Within this movie, there was a conflict consistently being expressed with the messages that Tolstoy shared, how they were meant to be introduced to others, what they stood for and this created separation between him and his wife, coming in between the love that they had with each other. The truth is that, love, true love, is always present and cannot be separated, no matter how much the ego tries to make that so.

There has been an inequality between men and women for many years in the eyes of society, and it is time for this to be released. Men and women are equal, this is the truth, and they only enhance each other on many levels when choosing to come together within the heart, when there is a conscious choice of choosing from love. Men and women are now meant to come together to support each other, truly to help each other birth messages, projects into the world to raise the vibration of the planet. If this was understood in the time that Tolstoy lived, it would have eased much of the stress and imbalance that resulted. Men need women to be “completed,” and women need men just the same, this is why both essences were created. There is so much power in union for each part of the energy merges to bring the balance.

Peter Gabriel mentioned in his song, The Blood of Eden, that all we wanted was the union of the man and woman, however separation is what has been created. We unite and then create separation hoping to be united again. The ideas that men and women are different, that intimacy needs to be thought out and many other beliefs create separation after union. For example, a man and woman come together, they feel such love and connection, they share this love with each other in all ways, including joining their bodies. Beliefs come in: perhaps they should have waited until marriage, if they show all of who they are, will they still be loved? Fear comes in: they are worried that the person they love will leave, so they start acting as if this has already occurred, creating separation yet craving the union that was first there. Union and separation has ALWAYS gone hand in hand, and it cannot be that way if we are to move forward in the higher love relationships that our soul craves. Separation does not need to exist for union to be experienced.

“You forgot your rules and remembered love.” ~Leo Tolstoy

Love is the natural emotion and energy within us. When we can release the thoughts of the mind that take us away from this truth, then we are freed from separation, and union is all that remains. Union is love…

Let’s take the word UNION –

U N I ON(E) (You and I are one)

U N I ON (You and I on a mission)

Men and women, twin flames, are coming together now for the purpose of union, to join together to help show unity through words and messages but also by joining together in physical body, merging the energies. This way the world will receive the messages not only through words but by FEELING it in the expression of the love shared between true lovers.

There is communication and connection beyond the mind, beyond the physical, that twin flames share. I resonated so deeply throughout this movie, but especially at the end, when Tolstoy’s wife said this to him as he was ill, “You don’t speak but I hear you.” Listen to your heart, follow the love within you without limitation or separation. Choose union…

“We don’t need a plan, we just go.” ~Leo Tolstoy

You don’t need to know the whole journey, but it takes one step to guide you into the next, bringing you always deeper into love and fully into union with your true love.