Reflections of the Past: Continuing the Discussion

I was joined by Alexander Roman, a film director, editor and producer of the documentary, Reflections of the Past. Reflections of the Past steps into the lives Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, two teenage girls who met during the year of 1952 in Christchurch Girls‘ High School. Pauline and Juliet became close with each other. Discovering things in common and shared passions. Their home lives slowly began to crumble from 1953 to 1954. Increased tension with Pauline and her mother. Juliet’s parents getting a divorce and plans to leave New Zealand. The separation of Pauline and Juliet was imminent. The murder of Pauline’s mother occurred in Victoria Park on Tuesday, June 22, 1954 overlooking the city of Christchurch. A trial found both girls guilty and imprisonment was set forth. Upon serving five years in prison, Pauline and Juliet were released. This film will bring the past to the present with newspaper images, reenactment footage, revisiting places Pauline & Juliet once knew in Christchurch, and interviews providing an open discussion regarding the murder case and relationship of Pauline & Juliet. We are going to continue our discussion from March 14th. There is so much that we are going to share, very powerful, introspective and intense. I invite you to watch the movie “Heavenly Creatures” before listening to the interview. A powerful sharing without a doubt, this will be. Visit the film website for more information and to watch a trailer.

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