Believe Your Dreams into Manifestation

Either you believe in miracles & dreams blossoming into manifestation fully into your physical reality or you don’t. You CANNOT have it in the gray area…if you are in the middle, you will always be in the middle. Forget trying to figure out the HOW and the WHEN and KNOW it is in process…if you think something is impossible, then you DO NOT believe in miracles or the manifestation of dreams.

Many of you have been coming to me with intense feelings of connection with your twin and having this undeniable knowing that your reunion is unfolding and inching ever closer in your physical reality.

Perhaps you have been experiencing the energetic visitation of your other half as I have more frequently, right now. Have you ever heard that just as your dreams are nearing the full manifestation into your life, more challenges arise? Many have given up just as they were about to realize the birth of their dreams because they followed what others said or went into the area of not believing it is possible…I urge you to connect with your heart. The energies are increasing rapidly as we continue forward in raising our consciousness deeper in love. As a result of this, we are experiencing things in days time that would otherwise have taken us months or years. Through these experiences, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and feeling a lot of intense emotions as beliefs, behavior patterns, thoughts are coming up to be released so that we can allow our dreams to become fully realized and embrace them. We need to know that we deserve to step totally into them.

The twin flame journey is one on the spiritual realm, as you are connecting through your dreams, your thoughts, your emotions and the knowing inside of you. Therefore, nobody can know your visions and your knowing as you do as they are for you. People can listen to you and they may hear you but they may not understand you…your higher self is encouraging you, right now, to keep believing and know that you are continuing along your path. Keep watering the seeds of your creation and cultivating the connection you have that has grown stronger through your lifetimes.

I am here to support you. If you want to have a session or reading, please feel free to contact me. Here is where you can download a free MP3 with much more information on this topic Believing Your Dreams into Manifestation .

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