Romancing the Beloved

I was joined by Joan Heartfield as we shared on her book Romancing the Beloved: A Sacred Sexual Adventure Into Love, Her Story. We shared on many aspects of the unconditional love relationship with the beloved and just what relationship means for us now. Both Joan and Tomas Heartfield have created the Divine Feminine Masculine Awakened Institute in Maui and have been teaching Divine Feminine workshops as well as ones that help men and women connect on levels that provide deeply rewarding relationships. Tomas and Joan show participants how to access a quality of energy that takes the struggle out of relationships. They help couples and singles enhance their ability to create and maintain high level relationships.

Sharing with Joan was very rewarding and a fulfilling experience. To learn more about the divine feminine institute, about Joan or Tomas and what they do, visit their website at Divine Feminine Masculine Awakened Institute.

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