Beloveds: The Great Undoing Returns Us Home

We are embarking on a profound awakening and opening to the merging of the masculine and female energies of the God and Goddess. This is happening both within us as well as around us, as we are joining our essence with that of our divine counterpart, within us and as a result, will be drawn to this other in physical form for total fusion into the one being that we are. Many of you may have been feeling an increase and speed in “time” as we know it, and feeling emotions on a more intense level than ever before. This is necessary so that any egoic old world emotions, reactions, behaviors, thoughts, limitations can be let go of in your experience. This is an essential step towards letting in unconditional deep love as it extends out, not only in your intimate relationships, but in all areas of your life and in the world. Many of our established foundations in our government, religion, etc will begin to shift, as we are being pushed into this new world of unconditional love, acceptance and oneness. It is now time that what many of us have been bringing forth comes into being.

Part of this whole transformation that is in process is the joining of twin flames. Throughout the years, we have heard many words proclaiming that this time is coming, and now that it is here, what is needed is the examples in physical manifestation of this deep, unconditional, all encompassing love of twin flames, to be seen and felt with the human eye. The words of these unions will be increased athousandfold as people see the love being shared, expressed, created and extended out into the world as twin flames choose each other and be together in this deeper high frequency of love. This truly is the time of our great undoing. The Great Undoing of the separation of and between men and women, as well as all of us. When we release the perceptions of separation, then our emotions, behaviors, beliefs of such disappear and are transformed with the truth of our connection, the realization of our similarities and the focus on what makes us the same, while honoring and enhancing our unique aspects, which of course exist within each other. Hence, we then understand and begin to merge our masculine and feminine energies within each other (the man embraces his inner woman and the woman her inner man), as this naturally brings us together in the physical as well. The power of deep love and transformation our souls crave comes from the man and woman remembering that we are one and allowing this oneness, this merging, this fusion to happen. The Great Undoing: releasing the pain and chaos on all levels that separation has caused within ourselves, our relationships, and the world. This way, we can bring back UNION, we can return HOME, and we can uplift and bring forth The Great BEING (Be In God). God is love…if we are BEING, then we are IN LOVE.

Do you understand the significance within the word beloved? Messages of truth can be found right within words. In order to be with your beloved, your twin flame, the other half of your soul, you need to BE LOVE. What does this mean? This means that you are being in the present moment, you are happy just where you are in life and bringing more light into your life as well as those you touch by being your natural self, exuding the love that is already there within you, seeing the connectedness of all there is, knowing that there is nothing that you need to do in order to be happy, for happiness and profound love is already within you. All it desires is to be embraced and to be shared. Hence, the other part of the word Beloved is to BE LOVED. Not only are you to emit and be in this love vibration, but you are also allowing yourself to be loved. From my own experience as well as those that I connect with, I find that allowing oneself to receive love is one of the hardest things that we can do, yet it is the most rewarding when we can do it. When you are being love and allowing yourself to be loved, then you are able to attract your beloved, divine spiritual twin flame who is also being in love and allowing himself/herself to be loved so that you can give your love to each other and receive it from each other. You start the receiving of this deep love now before you are in physical contact and union with your twin flame, for you are one and the same. The love that you hold for this deeper love relationship, this other half of your soul, needs to be given to you right now, for the love you extend to yourself will be received by your twin and then out into the world.

This is the return to HOME, the return to UNION. UNION is You and I as One, so REUNION is remembering that you and I are one. By being in love vibration and allowing yourself to receive love, you move into the space of remembering that you are already one with your twin flame, therefore moving into REUNION as a Beloved awaiting the full return of your Beloved HOME within, so that you as one can be love and be loved. Many of you are joining all ways, including the physical with your twin flame, and many of you will be joining within your spirits, your hearts, your souls with your true beloved, and as a result, the days are unfolding to bring you into full REUNION with each other. This REUNION will be happening in many different ways, depending on your souls intention with your twin flame for this particular lifetime. However, without a doubt, you will be and you are, co-creating, loving, sharing, and adding to the collective increase of unconditional love on this planet Earth, as we show, in all ways, what LOVE truly is, as BELOVEDS in UNION, remembering that we are ONE, and that this connection truly is all there is. Let your flame of love within ignite your twin souls flame of love, joining your flames so they burn brighter as these flames of deep unconditional love wash over the planet. It has always been the time to remember that UNION (you and I as one) has always been here. As we remember this, we return to REUNION and therefore, allow ourselves to come home, as BELOVEDS, equally giving and receiving.

Below is a video to call in your twin flame, now, in this moment, as you remember union, and as your beloved…

Here is a link to a post of the song Blood of Eden by Peter Gabriel with my explanation of the symbolism of the release of separation into union, our great undoing, as union is all we have always desired. “We end as we began…” Blood of Eden ~ There is No Separation

As one Beloved to Another, I welcome you Home…

5 Comments on “Beloveds: The Great Undoing Returns Us Home

  1. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for being true to you. I accept and receive the Divine message and counterpart! I have been experiencing so much of this union in the past weeks. I was supposed to be going to LA for this Millionaire Mind Intensive by T Harv Eker and I had no money to get there so my friend told me to say this powerful affirmation and I said it. That very day I bumped into a man who was a symbol of my Twin Soul tall like my twin and dark and successful industry wise like my twin. This man had no other intention that to give to me and I told him I needed a way to get to LA and that I had a place to stay just no money to get down there. This man told me he would pay for my ticket that day. And as I was speaking to this very nice new friend of mine God said to me “get ready get ready get ready!” I knew it had something to do with my twin soul because right before I bumped into this man I saw a magazine with my twin soul on it as I stated in an article you posted earlier one day God told me exactly who my twin was and he is a famous man. So I have been in LA and a couple days ago I got extremely emotional and crying hysterically. I realized I wasnt accepting parts of myself, I was hiding away from them and I realized these parts of me were my Twin Soul and I felt the pain of rejecting these parts and it hurt so much deeply inside of my heart. Though I felt the emotions all the way through and then I felt my infinite ONENESS with these parts of me-My Twin Soul. I never felt so alive before. Wholeness is what I am. Thank you for this article because it explains what I have been feeling, experiencing and going through. I love to know others are feeling this too! We are one! I see it! Thank you again!

  2. thank u so much for this explanation Gabriella. i have been reading information about this topic since some months, and maybe it is because my understanding is becoming more clear and deep about the Twin Flame, but I feel that this text is really good and has helped me a lot to integrate things. thanks thanks thanks…I love what u do. <3

  3. I think i’m off i get it but i wonder it my twin flame even know im here on earth i mean i have dreams of her some times i try to send love out their to others honestly this has been one of my harder lives this time .

  4. Awesome article!! this is exactly what I needed to read….but may i asked…what has changed cosmically or spiritually for this sudden change in course?. Great article…thank u

  5. Thank you for this very much needed post. The time is blessedly upon us, finally, to be Reunited with our Twins in the physical. Its been a long, long, hard journey and wait for many of us, and especially for those of us with a famous Twin. The layers of separation and duality can be tough to shed and emerge through. But here we are, and I’m soooo ready now! My Beloved Divine Counterpart is musician/singer Melissa Etheridge. I will be so proud and overjoyed and I’m bursting at the seams to at long last be at her side, for all the world to see and feel our Amazing and Divine Passionate Love made fully manifest! Thank you again for everything you do, Gabriella. Much Love to you and your beautiful Beloved….