Rising to a New Level of Power

You can listen to my radio interview with Pamela here: Be the Pilot of Your Own Life.

By Pamela Hale

Perhaps we are being asked to redefine the notion of power. Instead of picturing ourselves in a mighty jet, perhaps we should view authentic power as such a high degree of consciousness about ourselves and our surroundings that it would naturally lift us to a higher level of functioning in every area of life. Now, that would be a fine form of flight.

This suggestion from Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life can be applied to our personal life and also our lives as global citizens. And if we were to act on this idea, how might that manifest?

Personally, I think it would mean handling confrontation and challenge with a new form of power. In the old model, we were taught to meet force with force. Fighting back meant summoning adrenaline and either physical or mental power. We know where this has led in our personal and corporate lives—to wars of private and global dimensions. It’s time for a change.

But how do we stop ourselves from going to that old familiar place when we are faced with something that triggers us? Stopping to summon consciousness is the key step. Maybe it takes silence, breathing, stepping back physically or emotionally. Rather than thinking of this as gaining control, what if we think of it as gaining consciousness? For from a place of the conscious self-observer, we have choices.

Choice is power, freedom. When we can stop, observe and ask what we truly desire we rise above our old way of being. Our wings are working now.

The Dalai Lama says that if we want world peace—a wish that is spread around the world during this time of year—we must begin with “inner disarmament.” To disarm in this way would be “dis-arming” to others, who—in their surprise—might decide to put down their verbal or physical weapons.

We have plenty of chances to practice this new kind of power. I’m sure your life presents you with situations where you want or need to bring some kind of power to bear. What kind will it be?

To summarize, here are the steps to “fly” above a challenging situation and assume a “higher” form of power:

1. Stop.
2. Breathe.
3. Call upon your inner observer.
4. Ask that observer what the highest good could be in this situation.
5. Ask how you might see how to contribute to the highest good.
6. Review your options.
7. Make your powerful decision and act from that place.

And now, SOAR!

Pamela Hale, founder of Through a Different Lens, creates powerful, practical tools and experiences that bring vision, creativity and wisdom into focus to help people thrive—physically, professionally and spiritually. Journey with Pamela as she conquers her own self-doubt and fear of flying and the gifts she gathered in her new book, Flying Lessons ~ How To Be The Pilot of Your Own Life. Pamela uses the story of her pursuit of a private pilot’s license to help anyone—in the air or on the ground—to break free of “gravity” and realize one’s potential to soar. Flying Lessons is a practical and entertaining journey in authentic power, freedom, and fulfillment. This beautifully illustrated, multi-layered memoir may be purchased at Flying Lessons