Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships

We are continuing this trek through releasing all of the aspects of separation to move into the vibration of union. You may have noticed that you have been swimming in your fears. You may be feeling a lot of emotions coming up that you aren’t sure where they are coming from or what exactly you ARE feeling. You may be getting sucked into the mind in various different ways, taking you away from the moment, immersed within your beliefs. You may be aware of your behaviors that are no longer in alignment with who you are and where you are going, moving forward. Once you’ve noticed this, what do you do? Allow yourself to ride the wave of the moment. If you are feeling sad, if you are feeling frustrated, if you’re feeling confused, let yourself feel, for in feeling comes the healing. I ask you to be aware, be very aware of what happens in each experience. If you notice an unpleasant feeling that comes up, recognize where this feeling is coming from and if there is a fear or belief (or both) attached to it, once the feeling (s) subsides, allow yourself to back up from the fear/belief, like rewinding, almost like detaching from it. Then, examine it, where did that fear/belief come from? Did it come from you or did you adopt it from another? Have you been following YOUR own way and what feels true for you? Many times beliefs and fears can be connected. A belief can create fear and fear can create beliefs

In order for you to move away from all of the perceptions, limitations and actions of separation , you need to fully immerse yourself completely within it all, as it is in this delving deep into its depths, that you can see the light of understanding and truth. As it becomes clear to you where you are, and how you got there, you are able to take the steps towards leaving it behind or shifting the behaviors, beliefs, emotions, fears that have brought you into those dark spaces.

As you begin to move and shift into a higher vibration and into your higher self, you may notice friendships/relationships that need to shift or there may be a time for a transition. You can see how important it is to be aware of your behaviors, fears and beliefs because these all can keep you in a relationship or situation far beyond the time for its transition. However, nothing is ever a mistake as all opportunities offer us growth and continuous chances at growing deeper in unconditional love.
You are not alone in this, as all of us, individually and collectively, are healing the separation to move into union, and feeling all of the steps that may seem unpleasant to head into the light and truth. I encourage you not to run away from the challenges present for you in your current relationships, with yourself, with your beloved, your soul mates, your friendships, as it is in these challenges that offer you the shift into full awareness of patterns that may be limiting you, as limitation is separation. In union consciousness, there are no limits.

When you become aware of the time for a transition in relationship, it is important that you take the steps in unconditional love. Know that you are not responsible for the reactions of another, and if they choose to be in separation, the more love you send, the more you decrease the energy of separation and allow for the deeper love to come through. Remember that all love shared is love shared with all.
I am sending you the deepest waves of unconditional love as we move forward together…know that all of these steps you are taking right now, that we are taking, is bringing us away from separation and into union. As we become aware of what’s happening in each moment that is not serving us, we are already stepping away from it and into our intended destinies!

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8 comments on “Continuing to Move From Separation into Union Consciousness in Relationships
  1. Joana says:

    Thanks, Gabriella, you just give the answer to many of my questions.

  2. Sidney says:

    Thanks Gabriella. Your observations are timely. Fears and emotions seem to be coming fast and furious lately and it has been challenging to feel their full force in order to allow grace/love to enter and replace the fears. I don’t know what others are working on right now, but I seem to be working on fears of abandonment and unlove and noticing my own learned behaviors to keep from feeling abandoned and unloved. Thoughts of being abandoned by God- how could we be allowed to feel separate from Source for even a moment? Fear that without my TF, I will never become truly conscious of my unwavering connection to Source. That the promise of returning to God, hand-in-hand with my TF cannot happen if my TF is no longer a part of my life. It is one thing to know with the mind that we exist in the heart of God and are never separate. However, it seems like we need to emotionally experience the full force of shattering illusions of separation in order to heal. It is painful, but I don’t know an easier way.

  3. sleeping beauty says:

    Hi Gabriella !
    Thank you once again for this wonderful guidance. I was actually feeling down and listless. Transition with unconditional love.. how can we do it without hurting them.. what about the children? We are both married and have two children each. what kind of example will we be setting for them and all the heartache that we will put them through if we transiton from soulmate reltionship.I went through a blog which resonated so strongly with my feelings. It says my twin flame is here to help me ascend and is waiting for the ascension of the planet.One day i had asked him why we can’t be together atleast by communication thro phone or meeting up once a while and he said “nothing is possible” and every time we meet he looks at me so longingly.If he puts his mind to it he could have had me a 100 times over but he always stop shot of just some intimacy and never crosses the limit.As you have suggested i have now resigned to go with the divine flow, though sometimes the pain is unbearable.. I feel his presence in me deeply and even this evening when i became lost again this rhyme started playing in my head.. Itsy bitsy spider climbed up a water spout..down came the rain and washed the spider out..up came the sun and washed up all the rain.. itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again..!!! i was so amazed ! It was him cheering me up.. !!i pray that all true twin souls be united ‘cos this love is so divine and unimaginable and will bbring humanity all the higher vibrations needed for its ascension !! Thank you Gabriella for your service. i seek out your blog for reassurance and guidance regularly.

  4. Dragonfly says:

    Thank you again for this timely post. Are we all going through the same things at the same time? This is so hard and painful. I read in your blog that we we met out TF in the physical in this lifetime, that it is because we are suppose to reunite again in this lifetime. Is that true for all of us that are experiencing this at this moment? My TF and I have a big age difference. Even if I go through separation with my current husband there is still a chance that we couldn’t be together. Anyone have taughts on this? Like Sidney and Sleeping beauty I am going through so many strong emotions and fears right now and don’t have much encougement from TF except on the astral plane. This is so difficult to go through.

  5. Joana says:

    Ladies, maybe I’m a dreamer I understand that pain. But I’m so happy to have my TF at least in the astral plane. I don’t think anymore if we are going to be together or not in this life time, I just let everything on God’s hands. I read in someplace else, that TF’s children are strong kids. In one dream, my husband asked me for the divorce, and my son took my hand and he was pulling away from his daddy (my husband) and he told me in my dream: “mom it is enough!, mom it is enough!” I want to say, that our children feel when their parents are happy or not. I think, they want us to be happy.

  6. Dragonfly says:

    I hear you Joanna I had similar experiences in my dreams were I get messages about what I should be doing, but then something happens in reality that makes me doubt all over again. And then I think this is crazy! Or I am crazy… It’s like I am not sure anymore what is real and what is not real, and yes to have TF in my dreams is great but if we are not meant to be together, I would prefer that it stops because it keeps me doubting about the steps I should be taking. Love and Light to all of you that are going through this, it is an amazing experience but so so so hard. And I though I had seen it all in my life until I started to go through this….

  7. Joana says:

    Dragonfly, I also though I had seen it all in my life until I met him and my whole life turned around, or turned up side down; the truth I don’t know, I just know that I’m not the same person.

  8. laura says:

    Cry Cry cry…..Everything you say is happening to me, since November of last year…. my life has done a 180…

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