A Time of Transition into Union and Deepening the Truth Within You

Many of you are going through a lot of transition right now ~ a lot of shifting in your inner and outer experiences, with lots of crying, frustration, intensity on many levels and in all directions. What this intensity is doing is bringing you out of your old patterns that can no longer sustain the new way of being you are moving into. If you have attached to the mind and attempted to plan your future from that space, consciously knowing each step you are going to take, you may have a hard time handling yourself at this time. You are being called, and in some ways it may seem like you are being forced, to trust the divine flow of the universe, to let go of your perceptions and experience of security as you move into a deeper sense of knowing that everything is okay, all is happening according to your souls plan (and the plan of the larger whole). When an earthquake occurs, the foundation of a structure can be shaken, yet it doesn’t have to fall, but if the earthquake causes you to notice cracks, then you have a decision, if it feels right, to repair those damages or to completely start anew. This is what is happening. You are encouraged, at this time, to look at the cracks within your own structure of YOU and all that is within your inner and outer experience of life. Look at it all clearly, with no judgment to you or others around you, but with a thorough observation – is the foundation truly built upon a place that reflects who you are or does it not? If it does not, it is time for you to make changes that are more in alignment with who you truly are and what your heart desires. It is time to follow YOUR way and no one else’s, UNLESS it feels right for YOU. However, I remind you, that you are a divine being of light and love, such a beauty to behold from the eyes of Spirit. You are reminded to see yourself in this way – do not judge yourself or anyone else (for everyone else is also a divine being), but only move along with respect, compassion and understanding that we are ALL, individually and together, going through these deep self reflections, moving forward through these changes, releasing separation consciousness to move into union.

Moving into union and releasing separation, trusting the universe and following our intended destiny, letting go of the fears and limitations created by the illusion of security based in separation, is not instant and easy to do. It’s a step by step process, and it requires you to go within yourself, to those dark, deep recesses of your essence, to those places many of you have hidden away and refused to visit. When you are there, FEEL the emotions that arise (without judgment and attachment). It doesn’t matter why you are feeling what comes up, but just let it flow through, like waves in the ocean. They will pass through in this way without affecting you in an adverse way. Those of you that have based your decisions, your relationships, your existence upon your mind, rationalizing your steps along your path may have a hard time going through this, as you attempt to resist feeling and moving with the waves of change that are upon all of us. Important note: residing in your mind does NOT keep you safe, for security is an illusion created within the mind. If you are attempting to make your decisions based on rational thinking, you will find yourself stuck, unable to make a decision and literally unable to move. If you are recognizing that your relationships are not reflecting who you are and what you know love to be but are still trying to think your way through them, you will find yourself exactly where you are, unhappy in a partnership that is absolutely unfulfilling and not mutually rewarding. Those nudges that let you know something needs to shift, that things are not where you want them or how you want them, are there to bring you to a place to start acting upon them. Make decisions based in your heart. Follow the internal GPS system you have within you – your destiny is waiting for you.

What you may be experiencing at this time is a push and pull frustration, a back and forth seesaw ride, a confusing way of interpreting the moments and experiences as they come. You aren’t necessarily meant to understand it all in the moment, but recognize everything, and pay attention to how you feel. We are all, whether we like or not, in the shift of consciousness that is happening. We are moving deeper into union. What happens when something occurs that people have resisted for so long? People tend to want to resist some more. In the past, that would work, but now the consciousness within our world is shifting at such a massive and intense rate, that resistance will no longer be comfortable. If you resist the changes, you will feel as though everything in your life experience is in chaos and you will feel that you don’t have control. However, if you go with the flow of these changes, you will feel a sense of peace, intensified feelings of liberation, a deepening of connection to your true self and you will know that you are an intricate part of the one song, which is our universe. And if you are a part of the universe, a part of creation, then you cannot be harmed and there is nothing to worry about. You have the control to lose control and your perception of control transforms. This in itself is very liberating.

You may experience unpleasant conversations with others. Those of you who are allowing yourself to move into a higher state of being, those of you that are bringing in the increase of consciousness into a heightened knowing of union and trust of the flow will find that those that are resisting it are not understanding you. You might feel as though you don’t belong. At this time, you are encouraged to hold a sense of centeredness in your heart core, your center. As you do this, what could seem like chaos can be occurring around you, but you are not affected by it. You are not taking in others energy or even allowing yourself to focus on what others are choosing, how others are acting, or what is happening. You are asked to stay within when around you is in a different vibration. Many of you will be resting more, withdrawing from certain activities or from even being around others you are familiar with. A lot of solitude is required, integrating the energy, connecting to your inner guidance and not allowing others to change what you feel is right for you. But hear me, many will try to bring you away from what you know as they try to hold onto the mind in whatever way they can. Those people may try to keep you familiar to them by staying where you are so that they can continue resisting the change that is upon us – don’t allow for this, stand in your truth and speak your voice, in a loving, respectful, but clear way. Sometimes silence is needed. Trust your instincts on how to respond.

It is not surprising that some people will be literally leaving Earth as we move forward into the deeper shift of union consciousness that is here. People may have accidents that cause their spirits to leave their body, others may pass into spirit from illnesses, and all kinds of creations. Union consciousness knows that all is connected and there is never any separation, even in death, and that death is not something to worry about nor to be sad about, for those that die just transform their form and continue on. Many who do leave will continue to connect with us and help to bring this deeper love into Earth from the other side, so to speak. Those of us that stay are the ones who chose to aid in this shift as the years go on. Twin flames have chosen to unite to join in oneness in the vibration of true divine love, to share in that love with each other and extend it to the world, truly embodying and offering an example of union to the world. Many of us will bring forth creations of all sorts, for the spirit is naturally creative, and wants to share as it loves all ways of playing, of bringing pieces into the whole, bringing everything together. Artistic creations of all sorts allow for bringing in the union that is, for they connect us, they help us to connect to the spirit that moves within us, around us and that IS us. This, we share with each other, when we create, or when we share in those creations. There will be a lot of new songs, movies, books, and SO much more. This is quite a fun time…

I am here to assist you, to keep you centered within your heart/your core, to help you connect to your destiny/your purpose, to bring you deeper into the vibration of love and union as you release the effects of separation. Connect with me, and let us move deeper and love DEEPER together. Intuitive Readings, Twin Flame Mentoring Sessions and More

14 Comments on “A Time of Transition into Union and Deepening the Truth Within You

  1. Dearest Gabriella,It is a beautiful posting and as usual so soothing to my torn heart. After my discovery about hurting my TF in past life, I have made a choice not to hurt him again . I do not know if it is the decision of mind or heart. I just want him to be happy . I cannot have the cake and eat it too. I cannot put my soulmate and children thro hardship and pain and carry on without committing to my TF also. It is tearing me apart but this is what I have to learn I guess . I have not heard from my TF after I told him about this decision and I am just going with the flow.your blog is place of great solace to me. I cannot talk about this to anyone. It is only here that I pour my heart out. Thank you. You are like a Guardian and Angel in disguise. Thank you.i pray for strength to go thro this. I have never ever left my TF like this before in all these 20 odd years and I feel so desolate and lonely. At the same time I also feel I have finally had the courage to make a choice that hurts no one.love to u.

  2. Gabriella, thank you again, you really have a gift to touch people through your words, this blog became to me a place of comfort and peace. Keep shining!

  3. Gabriella,

    Once again your post parallels the very things I am experiencing in my life at this time. Shifting and transitioning in relationships, and even though at times it can be trying, I always follow my heart. Even with all of this I am feeling such excitement and joy in my heart! Your blog is a place of connection and beauty.


    Such wonderful news! I am truly happy for you! This journey is one of miracles!

  4. Thank you Durinda, it truly is a miracle, perfectly divine orchestrated miracle. Send you love 🙂

  5. Sleeping Beauty,

    Some things I want to say to what you wrote. Hurt/pain comes from fear, fear comes from feeling/believing that one is separate from the universe, from Source, from each other, from all that is, and therefore, pain is chosen. Yet it doesn’t have to be experienced EVEN when one is feeling emotions that can create pain. You can allow those emotions to pass through, similar to waves, not attaching to them within your story, for it is that which causes the pain. So you cannot hurt your twin flame, for your twin flame has the choice to be hurt by any actions or lack thereof from you or anything/anyone within his life. YES, you can have your cake and eat it too – for what would be the point of becoming aware of the cake if you can’t eat it? But transforming your perception of eating the cake is what is needed. Like I’ve said before, you are never separated from your twin flame – so hence, you are always eating the cake and having it…make sense? You are going to get through this, for you did not take on the “challenges” within this lifetime if you could not handle them and get through them…the decision you made does not have to be the same in another moment…continue to stay connected to your guidance and follow as you feel inspired to. I absolutely welcome the chance to share more intimately with you in a session – I feel that this would benefit you greatly when the time feels right for you. I am so thankful that you are finding solace on my blog, for that is my deepest heartfelt intention with this space! So much love to you!

  6. Durinda,

    I am SO glad that you are continuing to follow your heart in each moment and that you are finding peace here on my blog. Lots of transitions and shifting going on for all of us, and it is just bringing us deeper into love. It truly is beautiful. I’m feeling that excitement and joy from you, it’s contagious!

  7. Dearest Gabriella,
    Thanks for making me understand that I can have the cake and eat it too. Yes after the decision I took,I met my TF twice and I could feel that he wanted to be with me but is not taliking about it. He actually resonates with what I told him abut my past life episodes. Though he is not telling me openly, he is now smiling and seems a lot more comfortable. He even teased me like he used to do when we initially met. I was so happy when I met him those days and could spend some time in his presence though not actually with him. However he respected my decision and did not make any effort for any physical intimacy and I do not know what or how he feels about that.
    It is all still a journey and each step seems new but I ALWAYS FEEL GUIDED.
    On the day I met my TF , I was very doubtful whether to go for the function or not and was asking for guidance . I thought I should keep away from him. To my utmost surprise, the host gave me a message early in the morning insisting that I should come by 11. She kept calling me, and my soulmate (my husband), and insisted that we should come for the function. I took this as a cue and went !!!!! Gabriella, I feel as If a divine hand is pulling me to my TF. IT is amazing!! Your words are also so magical and resonate so much with me that I have no words to thank you.
    Your guidance is like breath to a dying person. It is keeps me going. Your services are blessed and I sure you will find all happiness. Love to you.

  8. Hi Gabriella,
    Your words are like a nourishing rain on a sunny day, they comfort and heal and cleanse away all that is not true. This time is momentous for everyone indeed, and all we have, is all we need- to follow our heart! The unpredictability, the unknown territory that i now found myself in is magnified to an extreme, as i am not where i “thought” i would be, and this does not feel like i thought it would. after much shifting, on the road, supported by the solitude of self, i found myself driving 10 hours back home- to my parents house to BOTH our surprise! since being here, much has been challenging, mainly having to do with stay clear and in connection with myself. i questioned if it was really higher guidance leading me back here or if it was something else, perhaps my mind, (as i did not know where else to go) since it has been so incredibly painful ever since i came…as if my being was squished into this small, little hole when it was soaring in the infinite expanses of love and bliss and peace. i have asked so many times if my being here is what remains to be cleared in me, but since it hurts so much i keep wanting to run. I feel i dreamt of my twin soul last night, and i felt a love and comfort with him, a safety that i have not felt with anyone before. when he looked at me he began to cry and i knew his tears were bc he was feeling my pain. it was all unspoken, but just known. although i was not getting what i thought i wanted, he saw through, to what i was really wanting, and i have never felt so loved, so seen! i am not sure where he is in the physical, but i know we will make our way towards each other, and it will be a moment i have no words for, but can feel with so much depth and beauty and love! thank you for your words and your heart, Dear Gabriella. you speak to what is real in me and help me remember 🙂

  9. I love this article, it is speaking to me at this moment of my life. Nothing is working out for me and maybe I have to take risks in life in order to be happy and be in my destiny. I love this article. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  10. Dear Moonchild,

    This time is absolutely one of surrendering to this moment , to the love you are, hence immersing into what feels like it is unknown and not predictable with trust that you do have everything you need right here, right now, with you. This pathway is not so much about thinking what you are going to do, but rather, allowing yourself to flow with what you feel as it comes. Well, now I must say that your words are like a warm blanket freshly fetched from the dryer on a chilly, crisp December morning, echoing what I have experienced as of late, giving me peace as well as reminding me what the truths are. I am currently back at my mother’s house, albeit a surprise in its unexpected happening. I am living in a land of magical mystery and bountiful bliss, as my heart is carving the way with such ease in its intimacy, connecting, so closely connecting, with the deepest reflection of my soul, sending reverberations through the cosmos that come back upon me to embrace in profound peace. Coming back to my mother’s house seemed like it was the opposite of the intensity of bliss you speak of and that I expressed above. Hence, the word “seemed” is so essential to recognize, for what seems like it is a certain way can shift when you change your perception of it and then your vibration with it. You are never separate from where you were, to where you are, to where you are going. It is all interweaved so intimately. It is so important to keep a clear connection with yourself, as you say, especially with other energies around. It is so rewarding when you feel that sense of serenity within your core, which is not dependent on the actions or emotions of those around you. Whatever choice you make in any moment brings you to the opportunities for deeper reflection and connection within yourself, with an intensity of love, as you realize that you have a strengthening support of your soul family surrounding you, that you are never alone. This process helps to move you into the truth of your unwavering radiance and illumination of your being which is never tainted by any experience but rather enhanced exponentially. As you allow yourself to feel the pain, it brings up what is in the throes of moving through as change comes in and if you stay with it, even though it may be uncomfortable, you will allow it to flow it into an expansion of love. You will know, when it is time to leave physically where you are right now, as you keep connected to your heart. Oh, how beautiful this dream was with your twin soul! How this just increases what I have shared that you are not alone, that you are so deeply loved, so supported, so surrounded, abounding in this love that is completely within and around you. It is truly beautiful, that the dream was so vivid for you to be able to sense his sensing of you, as you merged the pain together to diminish it and dissolve it back into love. How it goes back for everyone else to receive from! When you release “thinking” you aren’t receiving in the moment, the light comes in to show you that that which you love has been there all along and reminds you of how loved you truly are. Keep connecting and trusting in what you feel to be, that you will make your way to each other, as it will be as you feel it, imagine it to be and will even surprise you 🙂 May the line in bold and italics above be a mantra for you to use, if it resonates with you, to keep connected to your heart.

  11. Eny,

    You are so welcome! In all the places you feel that nothing is working out, I ask you to find the gratitude for what is there, as it is, right now, rather than moving into resistance with it, to embrace it. In this can come more clarity as to what to do, what steps for you to take to bring your destiny into alignment and shape right before you. Sending you an abundance of love.


    Thank you for your beautiful words as I resonate with them in vibration <3

  12. Reading your words again, has propelled me into the passionate heart of my essence and the tender spots. There is no unknown in Spirit, just an ever present desire of the now moments, to hear it anew, as it blends with the truth. From that place you are, without “thought,” but where you are creating. Sliding into the solitary servitude of self I was, and found that to keep clear in connection with myself is key. I have felt like you expressed, in that my being was attempting to adjust itself into a smaller space whereas it was in an enfolding expansion beforehand, such bliss that there are no words that can do it justice! Perhaps the mind was attempting to take away from what is in the heart and creating pain, in a way that was not in flow with all of the energies and emotions coming through. “Being here”, everything is cleared, as the moment heals in its revealing. I dreamt of my twin soul the same eventide you did, and how I felt such a love, comfort, peace that you describe, as he was reminding me to play, to have fun, to relax, with such an overwhelming embrace of love. Nobody knows me like he does, for all of my essence and my presence is in complete transparency, which instills such an intimacy. It was in his arms and embrace that I was faced with the radiance of myself. This is remembered, we are already one, and in envisioning, feeling, playing in such a space brings about the magnetism of it all together. No words completely to encompass such but so many emotions and bliss abound. Thank you dearest Moonchild, for your love, your heart, your words! As you so eloquently stated, “This time is momentous for everyone indeed, and all we have, is all we need- to follow our heart!” Right here on the canvas, where we are painting our art… 🙂