You are Love! Shine Your Love!

This is an invitation for you to move past the perception that you need to “better” yourself or to do anything to BE loved. You ARE love. There’s nothing you need to do to be the love which you are, but just allow yourself to be. In that, you can truly see your radiance…as you allow it to just come out more and more. This is an invitation to move past the habit of looking for things that you may have done wrong or that you could do differently. Instead look at the light of love that you are, and focus on how you have been shining that light into your own life and the lives of others. Once you see this, set an intention to continue to shine your light into the world, more passionately, more profoundly, bringing what makes your soul sing into creations that you offer to all that is. The vibration of love that you are, then comes streaming back onto you and upon you, reshaping you ever deeper into a new version of the love that you are, as you become a brighter beacon of love for us all to learn from, receive from, and discover ourselves within. This is an invitation for you to be YOU exactly as you are, knowing that there is nothing you need to change. You only have to see the perfect radiance that you are…and allow yourself to be, just as you are. I see you. I see myself within you. You are love. I am love. We are love, shining this truth consistently throughout the cosmos. I invite you to continue to see the love that you are, in every moment.

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