Align your Vision with Your Heart

create with loveHave you ever saw something then realized it’s not there only to look deeper and see it IS there? That’s the vision that aligns with your heart.

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2 comments on “Align your Vision with Your Heart
  1. Delphina says:

    This is so beautiful, dearest Gabriella, and so profound!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing and for the truly beautiful energy in the picture to go with it. I will take it deeply into my heart as this is the truth I also feel all the time.
    I have not only seen something which is not here in the 3D and which I can find in my heart, but I have also seen and experienced things in my heart and seen them manifest only hours later in the 3D.
    It is truly magical when this aligning with the heart is happening and it can somehow move us into a whole new world of miracles and into heaven on earth.

    Yes, both these visions that don’t go away when not manifested quickly in the 3D and also these visions being taken from us in the 3D after they had started manifesting and which are STILL in our hearts and which live in our hearts, are truly the ones that align with our heart, i.e. the ones that are given to us from SOURCE itself. Otherwise they would cease and the pictures would fade away in our hearts once not manifested. But the true visions sent from God himself will not go away of course and will also be returned to our consciousness by the angels and heavenly helpers if the time is right because they want us to LIVE these visions! 🙂

    Waves of love and light and gratefulness to you, dearest Gabriella,
    and angels of love and light to us all and our twins

  2. Joana says:

    Dear Gabrilla, yeeessssss, and lately I have been paying more attention to these events. I’m founding out that my heart really feel the love around me and the love from my TF of course. My mind try to explain these feelings to me, but it comes very short on its expanation, now it is when I’m feeling more confident what my heart is feeling. It is amazing, what our heart can feel.

    Blessings to everybody

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