Dream Progression of Twin Flame Reunion

I wanted to share a dream I had last Friday evening with my twin flame. One thing that it is important to know as you connect with your twin in dreams is the purpose of what these dreams are for.

1. They allow your spirits to connect, to travel and spend time merging in your energies when the body can’t do that at the time

2. You meet in dreams for messages, for you to know where you are on your progression of physical reunion

3. You also meet in dreams to offer support to each other on your journeys and to release the ego throughout your experiences

There are many reasons but these are the three that are most prominent that are necessary to bring to your awareness.
You may want to go here to read about the dream I had before this one so that you can see the progression of the reunion in dreams: Becoming Alive and Awake

Ok, now here is my dream: I was trying to get into an event/interview where my twin flame was going to be. In order to get into the event, I had to give a picture of myself BY myself and I could not find a picture with just me in it, so I was unable to get into this event. Nonetheless, I was still there at the event but I was standing at the doorway, watching from the outside.

My twin arrives at this event by himself. He slowly makes his way up to me, eases his hand on my back and asks, “We are still on for Friday, right?” I then become aware that it was Wednesday and that not only had we planned this already but that he was aware of this plan. In addition, he also knew where I lived. I said, “yes,” and then he kissed me passionately as our energies merged and I was in a profound state of peace and relaxation. He then went into the event and I awoke.
He was becoming “alive and awake” in the previous dream and we were on our way to reuniting…now here we are reuniting…all is in divine and perfect order. May you also find comfort in this, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be and that your physical reunion with your twin is in process.

What does this dream mean for me other than the progression of our physical reunion? Well, I have received the message from his spirit, from my angels and from the universe, as well as within this dream (and the previous Jesus one) that he will be coming to me. So, that is one thing that this dream was saying…here I was trying to get into this event to see him and he came to me as I was outside of it. Now, I was in the doorway, so the truth of our connection is that we connect in between the “media” world yet not fully outside of it. Our connection is on a soul to soul level, outside of the “world,” yet our physical reunion will be known to the “world” soon. He was not afraid to express his love to me at this event as well and his awareness had increased since the last dream. Such peace in his energy, love and light. ;-)

You may ask why the picture of me BY myself…well the old way of relationships is that you need to be “single” and not sharing love with another in relationship in order to be reunited with your twin. That is from the place of ego not the spirit. The spirit recognizes the now and honoring the now as part of the journey for twin flame reunion, part of that is expressing love in each moment whether or not that includes another person in relationship. This love does not take away the connection with the twin flame. In fact, it deepens it. The more that you grow in unconditional love, the more your twin flame does and as you share love, your twin flame is sharing love through that relationship with you. Therefore, you are both growing in your capacity to love deeper together.

Author: Gabriella

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  1. Thank you for sharing this……. quite beautiful and continues to spread the vibration of Faith and Hope….all is well. In Divine Timing it shall be done. xo

  2. And so it is. ;-) Part of my mission is to share my journey with you as you share your journey with me, as we support each other through our journeys. It is my passion and my pleasure.

  3. I came upon your link purely by accident while searching spirit/soul progression and what caught my eye was the flame. I began to awaken many years ago, yet I knew nothing of progression until I hit mine almost a year ago. I was fortunate enough to find someone who was able to help me understand why I was going through this and supported me through the worst of it. Now I’m writing because I remembered he asked me once why I never married and when I told him that I never met the right person he told me I must be waiting for my flame. I told him of these dreams I was having of this man I had never met, yet dreamed of for the past 8 yrs. Every dream was either of him trying to tell me he loved me or making love to me. In one of my dreams I saw my spirit guide as well as the man standing off in a corner and my guide had said the man was my guardian soul mate. I still don’t quite get the term, but my friend had said then that that is what he is. My flame. The one who is where I am at. I want to understand this better. I never believed in soul mates, but something inside of me yearns for this stranger. You know, just after my progression began he had come to me in a dream and told me he had go and I woke up crying, calling out his name, which was strange, and this made me realize I feel strongly for him. I know he had to leave in order for me to experience my painful journey alone, but I pray that when this cycle ends he will be the beginning of my next. I just wanted to tell you that what you wrote was beautiful and it helped me to understand the twin flame a lot me then I already did.

  4. wow this is so tru,i had a dream bout him and in three days we made contact..it had been a yr..

  5. Wow i have been trying to figure out why i have a certain person i know pop up into a dream that i had a few days ago, In the last few months we both have connected in some way although we do not talk there’s some sort of connection there ive tried to ignore it but somehow my heart tells me not to, Just the other night i had a dream which might i add i do not remeber my dreams that somebody was flicking rocks at me with a sling shot chasing me laughing then this person pops up outta nowhere grabs me and kisses me

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