The 7 A’s to Spiritual Healing: Connecting to the Light of Love in the Midst of a Break Up

I interviewed Lana Bettencourt, Writer, Lecturer on the subject of Spiritual Healing, Healer and Author of A Handbook to Spiritual Healing, the 7 A’s. Lana shared with us on how to use the 7 A’s of Spiritual Healing when encountering a Transition in Relationship, such as a break up (breakthrough). This can be a time that is emotionally draining and energetically exhausting but it doesn’t have to be. All experiences and relationships give us opportunities to heal, to grow and to elevate our vibration in unconditional love. Lana shared some of her experiences that led to her doing what she does today as well as how she came to the awareness of these steps to help her in her relationships and life experiences. To learn more about her, her book or her movie, please visit Lana’s Website. View the trailer of Lana’s movie, Angel Wishes here: Angel Wishes Trailer. I was there at the premiere and have my own personal copy of this movie, which I highly recommend with the utmost regard! This is such a beautiful testament that Lana has created to share in her own journey and her own process of spiritual healing through what we may consider “tragedies,” but when we look at these experiences through the eyes of spirit, we see how they are such opportunities for growth on many levels.

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