Dream Progression of Twin Flame Reunion

I wanted to share a dream I had last Friday evening with my twin flame. One thing that it is important to know as you connect with your twin in dreams is the purpose of what these dreams are for.

1. They allow your spirits to connect, to travel and spend time merging in your energies when the body can’t do that at the time

2. You meet in dreams for messages, for you to know where you are on your progression of physical reunion

3. You also meet in dreams to offer support to each other on your journeys and to release the ego throughout your experiences

There are many reasons but these are the three that are most prominent that are necessary to bring to your awareness.
You may want to go here to read about the dream I had before this one so that you can see the progression of the reunion in dreams: Becoming Alive and Awake

Ok, now here is my dream: I was trying to get into an event/interview where my twin flame was going to be. In order to get into the event, I had to give a picture of myself BY myself and I could not find a picture with just me in it, so I was unable to get into this event. Nonetheless, I was still there at the event but I was standing at the doorway, watching from the outside.

My twin arrives at this event by himself. He slowly makes his way up to me, eases his hand on my back and asks, “We are still on for Friday, right?” I then become aware that it was Wednesday and that not only had we planned this already but that he was aware of this plan. In addition, he also knew where I lived. I said, “yes,” and then he kissed me passionately as our energies merged and I was in a profound state of peace and relaxation. He then went into the event and I awoke.
He was becoming “alive and awake” in the previous dream and we were on our way to reuniting…now here we are reuniting…all is in divine and perfect order. May you also find comfort in this, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be and that your physical reunion with your twin is in process.

What does this dream mean for me other than the progression of our physical reunion? Well, I have received the message from his spirit, from my angels and from the universe, as well as within this dream (and the previous Jesus one) that he will be coming to me. So, that is one thing that this dream was saying…here I was trying to get into this event to see him and he came to me as I was outside of it. Now, I was in the doorway, so the truth of our connection is that we connect in between the “media” world yet not fully outside of it. Our connection is on a soul to soul level, outside of the “world,” yet our physical reunion will be known to the “world” soon. He was not afraid to express his love to me at this event as well and his awareness had increased since the last dream. Such peace in his energy, love and light. 😉

You may ask why the picture of me BY myself…well the old way of relationships is that you need to be “single” and not sharing love with another in relationship in order to be reunited with your twin. That is from the place of ego not the spirit. The spirit recognizes the now and honoring the now as part of the journey for twin flame reunion, part of that is expressing love in each moment whether or not that includes another person in relationship. This love does not take away the connection with the twin flame. In fact, it deepens it. The more that you grow in unconditional love, the more your twin flame does and as you share love, your twin flame is sharing love through that relationship with you. Therefore, you are both growing in your capacity to love deeper together.

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  1. Kat says:

    Thank you for sharing this……. quite beautiful and continues to spread the vibration of Faith and Hope….all is well. In Divine Timing it shall be done. xo

  2. Gabriella says:

    And so it is. 😉 Part of my mission is to share my journey with you as you share your journey with me, as we support each other through our journeys. It is my passion and my pleasure.

  3. Deborah says:

    I came upon your link purely by accident while searching spirit/soul progression and what caught my eye was the flame. I began to awaken many years ago, yet I knew nothing of progression until I hit mine almost a year ago. I was fortunate enough to find someone who was able to help me understand why I was going through this and supported me through the worst of it. Now I’m writing because I remembered he asked me once why I never married and when I told him that I never met the right person he told me I must be waiting for my flame. I told him of these dreams I was having of this man I had never met, yet dreamed of for the past 8 yrs. Every dream was either of him trying to tell me he loved me or making love to me. In one of my dreams I saw my spirit guide as well as the man standing off in a corner and my guide had said the man was my guardian soul mate. I still don’t quite get the term, but my friend had said then that that is what he is. My flame. The one who is where I am at. I want to understand this better. I never believed in soul mates, but something inside of me yearns for this stranger. You know, just after my progression began he had come to me in a dream and told me he had go and I woke up crying, calling out his name, which was strange, and this made me realize I feel strongly for him. I know he had to leave in order for me to experience my painful journey alone, but I pray that when this cycle ends he will be the beginning of my next. I just wanted to tell you that what you wrote was beautiful and it helped me to understand the twin flame a lot me then I already did.

  4. wow this is so tru,i had a dream bout him and in three days we made contact..it had been a yr..

  5. searching says:

    Wow i have been trying to figure out why i have a certain person i know pop up into a dream that i had a few days ago, In the last few months we both have connected in some way although we do not talk there’s some sort of connection there ive tried to ignore it but somehow my heart tells me not to, Just the other night i had a dream which might i add i do not remeber my dreams that somebody was flicking rocks at me with a sling shot chasing me laughing then this person pops up outta nowhere grabs me and kisses me

  6. Margie says:

    Hi. I stumbled across your websitr after having a dream about my twinflame. I have been going through a lot of difficulty in my life and he came to me in a dream and healed me in the deepest way. He was painting me with rainbow colored light and when I asked what he was doing, he replied I am healing you, I am healing me, I am healing us. I woke up the next morning with a brand new faith and excitement for life that I had lost somewhere along the way. Thank you for being here for me.

  7. Gabriella says:


    What a beautiful dream, and how it profoundly reflects the three aspects of healing and loving ~ your own pillar in oneness, your Beloved’s, and then the fusion of your oneness, which is sent out to all that is. I am so happy to hear that having such a beautiful and intimate dream has given you new hope and excitement for life, for being alive, as truly, this is what awakening and remembering this divine love is about, to be on the journey of experiencing our oneness. It is a blessing in so very many ways. You are so welcome, glad you made it here… and if you ever desire to have more intimate connection with me through any of my services, I am available. Much love to your warm heart!

  8. Durinda says:

    I just love validations! Two days ago I was laying in bed and suddenly on my ceiling I noticed two small pillars of light that looked like the number 11. Only the pillars were rainbow colored. The part of my ceiling this was on does not have direct sunlight nor mirrors and I checked to see if there could be something it could be reflecting off of. But as I watched these two rainbow pillars of light, they merged into one and then separated again into two! It then slowing began to disappear. I was just in amazement of what I had witnessed. I was able to get a picture with my phone camera of the merged light. Then today I came to your website and I find these posts regarding rainbow colored light. The beauty of this journey sometimes just takes my breath away.

  9. Emanuela says:

    Two dreams,one is ,hearing him talking,telling my husband he need to talk to both of us.The second one was hearing him talking again directly to me questioning me about my creativity

  10. Gabriella says:

    Emanuela, I have a feeling that there are messages in these two dreams for you. Is there some insight you received? If you desire to connect in a dream guidance reading, am available. Sending love to you!

  11. Anumi says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    I am happy to read about progression of twinflame reunion .. I had a dream about my twin flame.. He gives me a card which is written ad “ENDING(s)”.. he gives me that card.. i recieve it and i couldnt understand why he gave that card to me and he is not giving any explanation also.. then i held him close to my face and i kissed him as if am consoling him from the tough time he is in.. do you get any idea what this dream trying to say? Please help me.


  12. Gabriella says:


    What a beautiful connection with your Beloved in your dream! It is important for you to feel into what you are receiving as to what the dream means, and allow the layers to come as you move along your journey, as I do believe more will come through. What I am receiving is that there is a transition and a completion happening in your twin’s life at this moment, a lot is being let go of and transformed. There is always a mirror when receiving a message… it would be beneficial to observe if there are some transitions and “endings” happening in your own personal experience. This could be with connections, but also of patterns, behaviors, emotions, beliefs. I feel a book closing, chapters completing, and moving forward. It feels very beautiful. How divine to connect, communicate and reassure each other in the dreamstate… and your journey to deeper love continues. If you would like to share more intimately, I would welcome either a dream guidance reading, Intuitive Reading or Love Session, whatever resonates. Sending waves of love from my heart to yours <3

  13. Anumi says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    Nice to see your view on my dream….

    The feel I got during this dream was we both getting close n get comfort from each other but at the same time hesitant to get close… still I kissed him.. he has grown thin beard in that dream…

    in my personal life I have left my job n its been 8 months since I left my job n right now n am at home.. realising whats important n what I want out of my life

    I would like to share my twin flame story.. I met him 14 yrs back online it was electrifying connection that we both said to each that as if we know each other for 100 yrs.. I was in college n he was working me 19 yrs and he 23 yrs.. after a year we met in person.. it was great feeling.. gradually he took back seat n at one point stopped communicating me.. no replies to my calls and mails.. after a while he replied to my mails and he said he is just married..i was shocked cz of 2 reasons.. 1.We being so close in understanding and share all major happenigs he didn’t inform me about his marriage. 2.Though we have not spoken about love there was a very clear understanding n more than friends kinda feeling.. out of that shock I distanced myself by not contacting him for more than 2 yrs.. after that we got back in contact.. it was only birthday wishes new year wishes like that.. though there were many times he visited where I live he didn’t initiate meeting me.. thru mail I realised he is quite content n happy being married.. the strange part is he never showed his family pics with me.. I asked him many times now I stopped asking.. suddenly by 2013 November he called to my mobile phone and said he missed me a lot n the way he spoke looked like he realised my value.. he mentioned that had we both lived in the same city things ld ve been different.. from that time onwards he is very much regular in communicating.. even at time I don’t message him he initiate the conversation.. the care he showers on my wellbeing I should tell even my mother has not showed to me.. not a day went without missing him.. I feel its so unfortunate that I couldn’t marry him.. n I don’t want to be a disturbance to him r his family… at this time I came across Twinflame concept.. I felt he is my twinflame… he acted like a runner and now he is trying to reconnect…

    lot of things between us goes without verbal explanation.. I came across lot of people but I couldn’t connect with them not even 5% of how I connected with him.. I always felt that there is something special between us.. only now I understand that he is my soul..

    All I wish is to be with him not merely a relationship but atleast where we both can work together on a charity or something like that..

    I am trying to accept the reality that we both cannot lead a life together as couple.. but I trust and left to god to lead our way..

    last week I got a dream that his arms are around me .. it was so real and I was able to feel the warmth n his touch.. I got this dream after I got the dream that I mentioned in my previous post..

    I am so happy that I finaly found someone(you) who can understand my deepset feelings.. 🙂

    Thanks Gabriella for showing interest in my case 🙂

  14. Joanna says:

    Dear Gabriella: Beautiful dream. I have many of them too…There was something that scare me and amaze me at the same time these days. One day, I was just talking in my mind to my TF, I said to him:”I wish, I could see photos of yourself when you were a baby and toddler, I bet you were so cute” I was not dreaming, I was awake, doing my chores in my house. So, days passed and I was there in my facebook looking for friends and there was a lady with the same last name of my TF, then I when to her page, I take a look around, and find out that she is the mother of my TF. She posted photos of my TF, he was there with her on his graduation, and yes! she posted too, photos of him, when he was toddler,…but the photo I really like and enjoy is the one when she is, and in the note she wrote bellow she says:” Here, I’m pregnant with N(my TF)” I WAS SCARE, to find out of our connection even though we are not together and we don’t know our telephone numbers,…Just sharing to you and everybody, TFs are connected beyond the physical or 3D world.
    Blessings to everybody

  15. Joelene says:

    Hi, and thanks for sharing everyone. I would just like to hear some comments from anywhere. For many years I’ve had dreams about this guy. Certain intense presence when he’s there. So earlier this year, this guy who is sometimes on my bus, to cut a long story short, I believe that he is my twin flame, and I believe he is the same guy in my dreams. We’ve never spoken to each other… I’m not really sure why, on my part its probably fear, on his part I think he knows that I’m in a relationship with someone else and feels he’s respecting that. Previously in the dreams I would never be able to make out his face, yet I know its him. Last night’s dream was different. When he came into the dream, I became aware, this time I saw his face, we were very close and he kissed me. It was so warm and divine. Then the dream changed, more active, and more people, but I could still see him. It seemed as though he was at a year end work function…it is december. I woke up with the lingering feeling of his lips on mine. Any thoughts on why the change ( me seeing his face) and why now? any comments will be helpful

  16. Anumi says:

    Hi Gabriella,

    I would like to share new improvement with my twin flame.. we both seem to check whats app at 11:11 12:12 like that quite often these days.. 🙂

    it makes me feel so good..

  17. KJackson says:

    Hi, I don’t have many people to talk to about this kind of stuff so I wanted to share my story of my TF and I.

    In 2012 my boyfriend of several years passed away suddenly in a motorcycle accident. I have always had strong intuition and strong abilities in terms of communicating with spirits. After his passing he would continue to guide me and help me. About 2 months after his passing I had been very quietly struggling with my grief, to the point people were actually cautiously impressed of how well I was doing, though I was silently shattered. He came to me in a dream and told me I would be meeting somebody very special that would change my life, and that I would know who it was when I saw the flash of light.
    The next day I went to a bar with several of my friends for a birthday party, and before I even got out of my car in the parking lot I had this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, and not 5 minutes after I walked into the place I looked over and noticed this guy across the room, I wasn’t even sure he had noticed me but 10 minutes later there he was standing next to me just had to say hello. As soon as I shook his hand, one of the bulbs on the dance floor flashed real bright and then went out. I was so shocked that I couldn’t help but break off from my friends and talk to him. It was like we had known each other all our lives. I remember him saying he had such a swell of emotion as soon as he saw me, like he could feel my pain even though he couldn’t see it. About a week later after we had spent much time talking on the phone, we finally went on a date. It was a silly date just to Starbucks, but we had such an awesome time just so much energy we could feel burning between us. We kept just saying OMG where have you been all my life. As we were wrapping things up, we stepped outside only to notice that a car across the street in this very nice area was on fire “nobody in it and fire trucks on the way” but as soon as we saw the sad yet beautiful blaze, we looked in each others eyes and kissed right there our first kiss, it was like electricity, like all time just stopped. I remember us both stepping back and saying ‘wow’ ‘what was that’.

    sorry this is getting long.

    So we carefully continued to pursue a romantic relationship, amazing conversations, was like we could completely feel each others emotions, and one night we were laying on the couch together and he just said, It feels like we have done this before, like we.ve been doing this all our lives yet its only been a couple of weeks. I had just been thinking that entire same sentence, a couple days later we finally got intimate once again it was not like just having sex with somebody it was real ‘Love” making slow and tender and amazing. We were sure there was something surreal between us. Super long story short, I had been feeling guilty for caring so much about this stranger when I loved my BF that passed away so recently, and he kept telling me that I had to let myself grieve for my bf, I kept trying to convince him that I was fine, I crash coursed it and I was okay, but he told me he didn’t believe me, that he could feel my pain, and that it was quietly killing that spark inside of me.I was so overwhelmed by all the feelings i was going through that I pushed him away, told him we should just be friends, and he was so overwhelmed by all of the empathy he was feeling from me that it was making him feel like a nervous wreck. “I mean he would actually call me and tell me he could feel me, while I was secretly having a sad grief stricken moment” he was spot on every time.

    so we have been friend zoned since then and will catch up with eachother every now and then but we can both feel that love we share, now its been over 2 years and im really starting to discover what this twin flame stuff is, and suddenly I get this really beautiful message from my mom about god and angels, so I forwarded it to my TF. I said you know after all this time your are the first person I thought to send this too. We went into convo about his life and his current struggles and that email just fit so well, turns out he had made me a painting, and never had the guts to give it to me, and it was so good and the story about us behind it was so strong that a friend of his was emotionally effected by it and had asked for it. He gave it, but apparently the day before I messaged him he had just talked to that friend and asked for the painting back, he even sent me screen shots of the messages. I asked him to tell me his version of the story and to show me the painting but he said he isn’t ready but he will write me a letter and mail it. Completely through me for a loop!!
    Now the last 3 nights he has been in my dreams and so has my passed away BF.
    Last night my passed away BF broke up with me in my dream, and in the next phase of the dream where I was extremely lucid in both, my TF appeared in front of me said I have missed you and then kissed me with more passion than I have ever felt in my life.

    I feel like things are turning progressing, I woke up alittle confused, alittle sad and happy all at the same time.

    anyway sorry to drag on so long, thank you to any of you whom read it.

  18. Nicoline says:

    Hi, In 2007 my dear cousin committed suicide. He was the most gentle and special person but suffered from severe depression. Well, our entire family was devastated. During this time my bf at the time and I were going through a serious rough patch. One night I was missing my cousin and cried myself to sleep and dreampt of him. We were both in white and I was wearing a wedding veil. There was a blinding white light behind us. He lifted my veil and gave a sweet innocent kiss. The feeling I felt was beyond anything I have ever experienced. It was not sexual or romantic in nature but pure heaven. For me it him sending me a gift during a miserable time. A few months ago I reconnected with an ex bf. He shared to me that he still loved me but is currently married which I have to honor. I have been having the same white blinding dreams of him, but we are 18 again and kissing and he is saying that it “isn’t our time” and “he is not ready for me yet”. Could he be my TF? We had an amazing connection but the intensity for me was so deep at a young age that I ran away from him.

  19. Linda says:

    Hi, Gabriella,

    It is good to read of positive dreams and messages in relation to TF reunion. I have been separated from my TF for close to two years now, but in the past few months have (or so I had believed) made great progress in terms of following my own path and being patient regarding reunion.
    However, I feel that I have just had something of a setback as I am fearing that I am subconsciously pushing him as I still yearn to be with him (even though I certainly haven’t been sitting around and waiting for him, and had felt inner peace and contentment with my life, knowing that I am a whole person and don’t need anyone to complete me). Perhaps it is because the messages from the universe have started occurring more frequently and have become very specific to him? It seems that the more work that I do on myself, the stronger the pull becomes. Also, I have recently been feeling strongly that our reunion was imminent.
    However, last night, for some reason, I began feeling that perhaps I should let him go as he surely doesn’t need me anymore after all this time. Once I had made this decision, however, I began to feel distressed, had great difficulty in sleeping, and during the brief times when I did manage to fall asleep, would be awakened by nightmares. Prior to this, I hadn’t had any bad dreams that I can recall, for years.
    I do not see this as a coincidence, but as a very strong message, although not of the positive kind as I had been experiencing before. What do you think and what should I do?

    Thanks for your assistance.

  20. Angela says:

    Hey so I iust wanted to tell you my confusing story . Please go help me if you can . Ok so sometime last year I had this dream of a complete stranger . By now I can’t remember his face or anything much but I do rember the emotions . Anyway we were deeply in love . I knew that he was the one and likewise . We kissed and then he left me . I remember watching him walk away . I felt my heartbreak and I actua woke up crying . Then about 2 weeks earlier I had another dream . It was the same guy I saw in my earlier dream . We were cuddling and my head was on his chest . I felt his warmth and his love towards me . Then we kissed . It was s deep and passionate kiss . It felt so wonderful . I still feel butterflies in my stomach when I think of it . I felt his warmth , and everything . Now know that I have never kissed nor being in a relationship but thanks to him I do know how to now . I mean he was literal my first kiss . Like I even felt his tongue ! Then I remember that he was trying to protect me from someone . But then I woke up and immediately started to cry cause I woke up . I miss him so much , even now . My life was going downhill at that time . My dad died about 3 years back and I had lost interest in life . But then after this dream I regained my intrest and am working towards healing myselves .i remember having this thought when I woke up that ” I should prepare to meet him ”
    So please help me.

  21. Gabriella says:


    I think a combo of a reading/session would be good for you, and I have a special set up for the combination of those, but I think delving into your dreams, your intuition, and messages that want to come through for you would be good. You are picking up on the messages that your heart knows, and you are connecting with this other in dreams, as that connection is also awakening your connection to the divine love that you are, bringing about an excitement to start the preparation of becoming your full expression in the world. This is beautiful and this IS the blessed journey. Do reach out if it resonates to discuss this in more depth, and more intimately.

    Sending waves of love from my heart to yours,

  22. Gabriella says:

    Hi Linda,

    I am happy to hear that you have been resonating with the messages here on the site, and how it correlates with your own experience. I would absolutely love to have a reading with you to be able to delve into the messages within your dreams and what shifts have been happening for you within your personal journey. Don’t focus on the “bad” aspects that you are seeing within the dreams, as I feel there are a lot of fears that are coming to the forefront to be loved and allowed to move through.

    Looking forward to sharing more intimately with you!
    Lots of love from my heart to yours,

  23. Katya says:

    Oh my, thank you for a wonderful and insightful post. I actually met my twin flame about a year ago and although we are both married to others, I see him incidentally for several hours a week and I help him and his wife with their business. It took me about 10 months to figure out what he was to me, and why he was on my mind every moment all day and night and that I wasn’t crazy. He feels our connection I’m certain, and notices me in an intimate way, but doesn’t know what’s going on. A psychic said spiritually I was in college and he was in first grade. I’m in the surrender stage, and this relationship has forced me to grow tremendously-spiritually in the past year. I haven’t dreamt of him very much at all, but have twice in the last few days. I really really love both he and his family and enjoy being around them. So I don’t really want to break them up at all, and I like how things are at the moment. I wouldn’t change anything about my life. I received a message a few weeks back from my guides or God that said he’s not important to my development right now, which I interpreted to mean stay on my path of growth and keep at it.

    My dream last night was that when I made a rather bold advance while sitting next to him (OK, I grabbed the family jewels and could feel every wonderful inch of that stuff thru his sweatpants), he immediately told his wife in front of me and they exchanged looks that indicated I was an intruder into their lives and they were on the same side. Seemed like they had talked about me as a possible threat before. But after just that moment, we all went back to doing what we were doing and they seemed unconcerned. I moved away from him and sat elsewhere. This means right now to keep my distance. And although I really haven’t dreamt of him much that I can recall, I know for sure we are getting it on in the ether and often thru the day and night and while meditating, I feel very passionate towards him. So I’ll just let things continue to unfold and try and send him healing and love. Looking forward to your newsletter and thank you for sharing. These stories are so very important to us who are on our own journeys with our twin flames. <3

  24. Yanna says:

    Thank you for this beautiful message. I had a dream where it was war and I was running away from war. I was alone and far away from my family. I expected in every moment to be killed by someone in war. I went on some place were we hide and someone told me how to find my twin flame in that dark building. I went downstairs in one darko place with something in my hand, opened up the locked door and he wasn’t there. I was dissapointed. And in a place where there were a lot of people he appeared and we started to kiss passionately andI told him I do not like to kiss in public and we decided to go somewhere else. I was afraid we will die, it was war time. We did not want to separate, but he needed to do sth, and I waited for him to finish it. And that’s were my dream finished.

  25. Nikki says:

    I met this amazing gentlemen and we connected instantly as we have known each other forever;however, I had a very close friend who died but he comes to me in my dreams to show me the person I met. On a spiritual level we have connected but he is going through a storm right now and in an unhealthy relationship. I can feel when he is thinking of me because we live in different states. The energy between is so strong and love is present but my twin flame knows who I am but he has to know God will bring him through but he has to trust God and make the right decision of his mate. I continue to spend time with my daughter, work, running my own business as well. My twin flame and I stay in contact but he has to know how to love and open up to love…

  26. Candace Steinberg says:

    This is absolutely crazy to me and I can’t even explain it. I just realized I have had now 7 dreams of him 5 have come true to some degree and find it very interesting. They are coming true in the same order they are happening. Sometimes months apart. Once it was him calling off a relationship he had in which I received an email that very night about him breaking it off. Another was of us dancing at a party. That happened. Another of us very softly kissing that happened. Another of us holding hands in a car. The other day we went to a movie with kids and were sitting beside each other being affectionate here and there. There was an arm rest between us, similar to a car. Another dream of us being at a dinner. Was at round table at an event where we were sitting facing out but were looking at each other or holding hands, I can’t remember. We went for dinner after the movie and again we were affectionate. Rubbing my back and me touching his leg here and there, even kissed me on the lips. I wonder if this is a coincidence? I wonder if this was the dreams coming true to some degree. I rarely dream about anything, truly. How do you interpret this? After we got together, the next day I say three license plates in a row all with meaningful numbers and the last one said ND TWINS, then the next day a lady bug landed on my top. Would love feedback.

  27. Joana says:

    Hi Dearest Gabriella and everybody,
    Just sharing the videos on youtube of Stephen Brown Twin Flames…He resonate with my TF journey as well as you Gabriella.
    Blessings to everybody

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