How to Believe in Love and Be Faithful to Your Love

Q All this time, I had a question that does love really come to those who believe it.
But how to believe love?
Does it mean to be faithful to my love??

A Yes, love does come to those who believe in it. Love is all around us all the time, and it merely takes an awakening of knowing this to be able to see it. We attract people to us that are similar in energy or those that offer contrast so that we have opportunities to see who we are and shift it accordingly. Therefore, when it seems that love is not present, know that underlying any “challenge” you experience with another, it is there for you to be clear on what you desire to create in relationships, but also for you to grow from, release behavior patterns, beliefs, emotions that are no longer serving you and your intentions. The truth then is that love is always there, for you wouldn’t have these opportunities to grow if there wasn’t any “bumps” on your journey.

As you move forward in your relationships and on your journey of life, the more that you connect with the love inside of you knowing that love is always present, that the universe is always guiding you, that the love you desire to create and experience in relationship is out there and on its way to you, you will draw that love to you. Knowing this and feeling this helps to believe in love and know that you are always connected to this deeper love inside of you even if you are not physically embracing this other directly in your arms at this moment. Being faithful to your love means honoring who you are, knowing the love that you choose to experience, moving forward on your journey connected to your happiness. As you allow yourself to be who you are, to take the steps to your mission, to choose happiness in each moment, being in gratitude for your experiences and relationships around you right now, allowing yourself to love deeply right now, you are sending this energy to your twin flame, allowing him/her to love deeper as well, ultimately resulting in your physical reunion. Being faithful is being in the moment right now, honoring your connection, and choosing happiness right now.

3 comments on “How to Believe in Love and Be Faithful to Your Love
  1. Kat says:

    Gabriella, I just read your blog, and i have to say, it’s funny that we laugh about synchronisticities of life yet here again you write something sooooo deep within my own path that I am sooo getting memos after memos today (this is the thi…rd) that is clueing me into what is happening and why (helping me to see what’s within it—) thank you ;] because i just realized after reading this that each memo is helping me further along my way to really be at peace with all as it is. now.
    it’s easy to say it, to know it, to understand it, to learn about it, lol.etc…but it’s the feeling it without talking yourself into feeling it that really lets you know you got it now, baby …you’re gonna be just fine.;}

    your writing really “writes home” …. beautiful!See More

  2. Gabriella says:


    Thank you for sharing the synchronicities that have led you to know that everything in your experience, the signs that are consistently around you allow you to see that everything is perfect. We are always brought to what we need in our experience, who we need and the circumstances around us for whatever reason in each moment and they are all there for us to grow, to heal, etc. It is in being aware of this that we can appreciate everything in our lives and allow for more that will offer us that “home” feeling. Glad that my words resonate with you along your journey.

  3. NagarajaM says:

    Love is a many spledoured thing-love of parents towards a sibling, love of brother and sister, love of friends, class mates, colleagues, love of master to student and student to master, love of husband and wife, love of an artist to art lovers and many more. Love is one aspect on which thousands of stories, episodes, films are available in the world-elaboration is inexhaustable.

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