Letters to Juliet (Letting Go Allows for Love to Arrive)

The movie that was played while I was on the plane to Hawaii was LETTERS TO JULIET. Many of you who have been following me know that I consistently say that everything is perfect, that you encounter what you do when you do at the perfect time, and this movie, for me was an experience like that. It echoed my own messages back to me so beautifully, while adding synchronicities for me on my journey. Because of this, I have to share with you the sweet messages of love and connection that this movie brings out.

The trailer does share a lot of what occurs in the movie but I still recommend you taking the time to watch through it . One of the things that the movie shows is the power of love and how when true, deep love is experienced, it never fades. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by or how much physical distance is between the hearts, for if deep love is there, love will always remain and when you come together physically, it is as if no time has ever passed. Also, it mentions how important the feeling of deep connection and respect is within relationships, that there needs to be an equal amount of giving and receiving, and the desire to be with each other, to listen to each other and share together.

One of the messages that I always share is the power of letting go and that when you are in the space of letting go while holding love in your heart, when you are not focusing on making it happen or forcing it to happen, that is when love arrives. It is in letting go that you allow yourself to receive. As you release what you are holding onto so tightly, you allow the openness for it to actually come to you. This just coincides with the importance of being in the moment and enjoying your life right now, for it is in this moment that the universe guides you as to what next step to take on your journey.

Another important message is that love can arrive at any time. There is nothing that you have to do for it to happen, AND you do not have to be “single.” This is a myth, that you need to be single and not sharing love with another for deeper love to come to you. This movie shows that perfectly…you can be in relationship with another person sharing love, as relationships are always shifting, transitioning and changing as we do, and then deeper love can come your way. The best thing you can do before your true love arrives is to love deeper, be more fully in the moment, and choose happiness all the time. Be yourself in all moments. Don’t be afraid to be who you are as it is that energy of your natural essence that will draw to you your twin flame, the one that complements you perfectly, the love that you have always been connected to within your heart. You are Romeo and your Juliet is waiting for you. You are Juliet and your Romeo is on his way to you.

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