“It’s Too Good to Be True” Does Not Exist Unless YOU Make It So

Have you heard the phrase “It’s too good to be true,” or in regards to a relationship that there is a honeymoon stage, which is sure to end? It is important for this belief to be released in your psyche if you are to be in a relationship that is good ALL the time, that sustains you, complements you and adds to who you are. Many of you probably know about the law of attraction, which means that as you think something, feel something, and believe something, you create it to be in your experience. This is true but nothing that you ever desire to experience will remain in your experience if you have a belief somewhere that it can’t arrive or that if it does arrive, it will be there temporarily. It is true that as you hold a belief about something, then you create the experience of what you hold. Let’s go back to the above statement: if you feel and believe that if something that is so good, something that makes you very happy, such as a relationship that is so powerful, rewarding and amazing, is so good that it can’t be true, so good that it can’t last, then you start creating the ending of it already. You see, think about it. You enter into a relationship, it is amazing, the energies of the both of you mesh together and merge together so perfectly, you complement each other, your likes are similar, the love is being expressed in every moment as you are both in such gratitude for each other. If you hold the belief that something good can’t last, then you start looking for something to go wrong, something “imperfect” within that person and in the relationship…what just happened? You shifted your focus on the beauty within the connection and relationship to trying to find something that can’t be “so good,” for it can’t be true or it can’t last…so then you start questioning and doubting, accusing the other person of this and that, whatever it may be. You then start placing your insecurity that the relationship is going to end on the other person, creating expectations from them on their behavior, etc. What began as an ease, a flow of both people being who they are as they were choosing to be together and share their life experiences together with freedom suddenly becomes limited, restricted, shifted and changed. This can create the feared result of the happiness, the relationship ending, step by step. The belief, the fear, has created exactly what has always been underlying…and this will not change until you recognize this belief, release it, and focus on creating it anew, that something that is SO GOOD can last, will last, and you are absolutely worthy to receive it, to be happy forever, in all moments.

Do you want the fairytale relationship you see in the movies where the love is always expressed between the partners, the smiles are always on their faces, and love is always the focus? Then choose it, consciously choose it so that you can consciously and fully experience it. This relationship that is absolutely so good and is true is right around the corner. Open your eyes to recognize it, open your arms to embrace it, and open your heart to cherish it like the first time in every moment.

LET ME LOVE YOU….(this is what your true love partner, your twin flame is saying to you…let love in) LET ME LOVE YOU… 😉

4 Comments on ““It’s Too Good to Be True” Does Not Exist Unless YOU Make It So

  1. Thank you Gabriela….Ive always loved this scene in this movie. He is such a wonderful and very loving man and I will NEVER EVER love another man like I love Heath. Thank you so much for sharing that with me and I am letting him love me. He loves me every day and every night. He never leaves me ever, its the most incredible,beautiful experience I have ever had!


  2. thank you for this post; my relationship has been classed as one of those ‘too good to be true’ and things were great. Then a few things happened that changed the focus – silly things that people under stress do. We’re still together, both still committed to the relationship but instead of feeling, thinking and behaving as if it’s too good to be true, I now look for things that could go wrong and am living in the fear of the relationship ending. Recently I’ve felt as if i’ve reached the end of my tether and have been looking for more things that could go wrong, looking for the thing that would give me the exit strategy. Your post could not have come at a better time for me, a reminder of what once was and can be again. We both want it. Thank you x

  3. You are so welcome! I am glad that this has offered you a chance to consciously choose to be staying in love in your relationship with your partner, how you can always focus on the positive and the love instead of the fear of it ending and therefore creating the ending. I had a radio show where I talked about this in detail. I think it would be a great additional way for you to tackle this further. I am always here if you ever want more support. All the best. Here is the link to the radio show: Radio Show

  4. Honestly Gabriella I was in a relationship in the past for 3 years in which I was never completely happy for more than a week everything was arguing and that lasted for 3weeks because i felt that I couldn’t find anyone better until I finally left him and he ran off and got someone pregnant I came to college and the first day of orientation u met some kid we spoke for 5 months and he finally asked me out we have 3months of being with him and I am the happiest person but I fear him hurting me I feel that it is too good to be true I feel that eventually he is going to cheat on me and find somebody better I’ve never been so negative in my life but with him I am I doubt him all the time and I’m tired of it I wanna be in my peace with myself andy relationship and not think he’s always doing something wrong when he doesn’t txf me right away or call me I wanna feel confident about what I have because I love him I do my family loves him he has brought the happiness I’ve been waiting for and wanted it and I want it to last I don’t wanna loose it

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