The Secret – Creating and Embracing your Destiny

This movie is one I strongly recommend. It goes into detail about the Law of Attraction. If you apply it within your life, you will see the difference in your reality, the eyes you used to look at the world will see it in a different light. Many things in your life will change, all because you have changed. Anything that you desire, you can have. All that you desire, can be yours. Take a step to change your present and therefore, your future.

3 comments on “The Secret – Creating and Embracing your Destiny
  1. Cory says:

    I cannot agree more with Gabrielle about consciously incorporating the Laws of Attraction to take your life to a higher level. This movie is a must see, and her advocacy of it is a clear door to the principles she upholds in her journey as a leader and healer. Thoughts become things.

    Gabrielle, your acknowledgement of this approach is critical in unifying our abilities to connect with one another on the human and spiritual levels. It shows the positive influence it has on people to connect with becoming active in the construction of their future, which in turn opens doors for others who see, trust, and believe.

    Thank you for walking down this path, and teaching others that everything in life is possible. We make our own choices, and create our own realities.


  2. Lindsey says:

    And reading some of the Teachings of Abraham books (The Law of Attraction, Ask and It Is Given, The Astonishing Power of Emotions, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, etc.) are excellent, inspirational, life-changing follow-up reads to this movie!

    Thanks for sharing this clip – I’ve never seen this one! I had no idea that Abraham/Esther was originally in the movie!

  3. Neil says:

    I’ve not seen this movie, although I’ve heard and read quite a bit about it.

    You wrote: “Anything that you desire, you can have. All that you desire, can be yours.”.

    Have you heard this saying from the Bhagavatham?: “Desire indeed is the supreme source of sorrow; desirelessness the source of extreme happiness”.

    Most of our desires stem from a poor set of ideas we’ve picked up from our background, society, experiences, parents and peers… if we successfully examine exactly why we want something, we often see the root of that desire and – just by seeing the desire for what it is – the desire will drop. Most of the things we want, we don’t need for any reason that makes sense once we examine it.

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