Tonight, That I Might See…

My prayers have been answered
Tonight that I might see…
a vision of you before me
smiling, full of spirit
For you are the pioneer my love
The essence of you inspires
the divine within others
calls to the spirit of one
Infinity within

We are close to the sun
growing brighter each day
as one touches another
We find there is light within us all
Beauty exists as beauty persists
Beauty is real as reality is beautiful
Look to the heavens my love
The sunsets are on fire
Passion ignites us and unites us
We co-exist with nature
as nature dwells within us
We are consistently creating ecstasy between us
A new dawn emerges
breaks and re-defines who we are
because we are always changing

God says yes!
We have heard
We have remembered
It is now time to take action
and live our destiny
We can only be who we are

Hey you, yes you!
Believe in the power of your desires
They are the truths inherently breathing within you
The other side of you
awaits you
To embrace you
To accept you
To merge with you
and all you have to do is
be you
feel you

Love makes the world awake
Love makes the world true
Truth is what we seek
We are only prisoners of pain if we choose to be imprisoned
to break free only requires our time,
our focus,
our shift of consciousness

Recognize and hold onto the kiss of life
It is love
Love defined through emotion,
Experience, kindness
Love expressed through forgiveness,
Acceptance, creativity
Love exhaled through a kiss,
a touch, a smile

Tonight, that I might see…
Love is our truth
We are love
We are here to love,
to give love,
make love,
feel love,
breathe love,
be love.

Tonight, that I might see…

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