Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsch)- Spiritual Transformation

This was the book which started my path onto spiritual enlightenment. I grew up Catholic, instilled with many ideas, among them, the one that I was a sinner, that I had to ask for forgiveness to be looked at lovingly in the eyes of God. However, God is said to be all forgiving, and somehow my soul could not completely comprehend the duality and hypocrisy here. Something was amiss – my God loves me as I am, my God doesn’t judge me, my God is love, pure and unconditional love – which is totally free of expectations, assumptions, judgments, doubt, and any other emotion that is not an extension of love. It was synchronisitic in the way that I came across the book – which is how most things that are awakening happen – and actually, I first came across his children’s book, “The Little Soul and the Sun.” It was a children’s book, however it was so profound and I got so much out of it. I then read the back of the book and his series of CWG books I got for Christmas. It was a life changing, perception altering book – Book 1 (though all of them are). It brings up so many ideas that I was told to believe, and it does ask you to question them, to look at them in a different light than the way you may have been raised to. Ah, but what a refreshing and transformative way to live – don’t EVER believe something someone tells you because they tell it to you – because perhaps they are an authority figure, have a degree that you may not have, or any other reason. Believe whatever resonates within you, within your core to be true, for you. BTW, I would also recommend reading “The Little Soul and the Sun” too. Amazing, truly.

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