Twin Flame Love – Before and After Coming Together

I believe in destiny (though free will is a part of it), I believe that we have a connection with a particular soul in the universe that we will connect with to further our mission, our life purpose together on this earth. This will happen through synchronicity when you are both ready. To honor this belief, I wanted to post a song by Celine Dion and in addition, I want to post a song that I wrote, which has yet to be put to melody and sung. My song, HOME, deals with the “before” and Celine’s deals with the “after” of coming together with that soul. Enjoy – I’d love your thoughts as always. If you have not come in contact with your twin flame yet, give it time, give it encouragement, give it your belief, gratitude and emotion – then be happy living life – it will happen.

~Gabriella Hartwell~
Like an angel’s voice
I feel your essence inside of me
soothes me with its presence.
When I feel alone, I am comforted
knowing I am with you.

Perhaps, we have not met, yet
the knowledge of you strengthens my soul
Our paths will cross
though I am unaware just how
I am at peace, knowing you exist,
out there.

You are with me in my dreams
as we dance through the night of stars
Time stands still, merging our future and past
I hold you within my arms
and know that home is with you, at last.

There will be a day when we connect with each other
You will smile, I will smile, and we’ll remember.
The moon will catch the light in your eyes
a mirror of love back to me, disguised
To show the beauty within you, and me.
You will laugh, I will laugh, and we’ll remember.

You are with me in my dreams
as we dance through the night of stars
Time stands still, merging our future and past
I hold you within my arms
and know that home is with you, at last.
You are with me,
Time stands still,
home is with you,
home, with you, at last.

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I knew I loved you
Before I knew you
The hands of time
Would lead me to you

An evening star
Was from afar
It guided me here
It knew you’d be here

Now wrapped in moonlight
At last together
Here in the incandescent glow
We are all we need to know
As we softly please each other
‘Til the stars and shadow glow
And we sleep
With our dreams around us.

Oooohhhh ahhhhhh

It guided me
It knew you’d be here

I knew I loved you
Before I found you
I knew I’d built my world around you
Now all my days
And all my nights
And my tomorrows
Will all begin
And end
With you…
With you.

4 comments on “Twin Flame Love – Before and After Coming Together
  1. Neil says:

    In Greek Mythology, humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. Zeus, chief of the Gods, feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spending their lives searching for the other half to complete them.

    It’s a really compelling idea – that someone is out there who “completes” us, and when we “click” with someone we just met – it feels like we understand each other straight away, and have always known each other – it’s an easy idea to believe.

    Our society – many societies on earth – are full of this idea, that there exists a perfect mate for you, if you could only find them. I don’t believe that the perfect relationship is “written in the universe” though, this is all a human invention. Life and love are great enough, if we look at them with honest and open eyes, without having to create ideas that limit who we can love wholly in order to love wholly. The soulmate idea tries to say “there is one person out there who makes you complete” but by saying that suggests you can’t be complete without that person. But all it takes to really be whole, complete and happy is drop society’s ideas about all the things you need before you can be happy.

    On website, I found another idea of what a soulmate is … I’m not sure I agree with this definition either, but it at least makes an interesting comparison with the more usual one…
    “A soul mate, on the other hand, is someone completely different from you. When you meet her, you may take an immediate liking to her or you may not. But eventually, you grow into each other so that the two of you are inextricably bound to one another. Your souls, in effect, mate. Kindred spirits bring out the best in each other. Soul mates make each other better than either of them could be on their own.”

  2. Tori Loukas says:

    I like Neil’s comment~ yes, personally I have found a soulmate, However, I believe in the possibility that there are more than one in different stages of life~ not to say this is a law or anything…and soulmates exist on other soul planes~ for example, my friend Stacey is a soulmate, but I am not romantically involved with her. I think the very nature of love knows no limitations. websitee’s idea I’m not sure is ALWAYS the case, but there is merit to be found in that definition. I did not care for Bill when I met him, we did exactly that~ we grew into each other. The veil fell from my eyes, and that was not my own doing. We are very different. One thing we have going for us is the willingness to agree to disagree!Lol!
    However I refrain from making generalizations upon the sweet mystery that love can be!
    Thanks for the blog, Gabriella~~~~Luv, Tori

  3. Gabriella says:

    Update: Since this post, I have been guided to clarify what a soul mate is, what a twin flame is and to share in detail the journey and process of relationships. I have added these clarifications on my homepage. Please visit here to read in more detail: This will also be shared in even MORE detail in my upcoming book titled, “Soul Mates to Twin Flame: Rising Up the Ladder of Love. Stay tuned!

  4. Gabriella says:

    I have been guided to write more about this here because I find that it can be confusing and it is necessary to understand this area so that our relationships we choose to be part of reflect our knowledge of how relationships work, etc. Yes, there is more than one soul mate in a lifetime, many, and soul mates are not only romantic partners but also those in your circle; family, friends, pets even. However, there is one twin flame…the love I am discussing above is that of a twin flame. This union is not just romantic for there is a profound and intended mission to accomplish together…which of course affects those the couple comes in contact with and extends out to the collective.

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