Month: June 2008

Let Me Fall (Josh Groban)

Lyrics “Let Me Fall (From Cirque De Soleil)” Let me fall Let me climb There’s a moment when fear And dreams must collide Someone I am Is waiting for courage The one I want The one I will become Will

Solomon’s Angels (Doreen Virtue)

This book is a wonderful story of a soulmate reunion. Being in the world of humans, but being a spiritual energy field, we can get confused between lust and passion with deep soulmate connection and love. This is a story

I Choose Love ~ Shawn Galloway

Lyrics I can see laughter or I can see tears I see a choice, love or fear What do you choose? I can see peace or I can see war I can see sunshine or I can see a storm

You Choose your Destiny

I have been asked the question many times whether I believe in destiny, considering that I work with it in a way as an Intuitive Relationship Life Coach. I help people connect with the love inside of themselves and therefore,

Life is Beautiful

There are moments in life that seem to be horrible at the time we are in them, but rather than let those moments get us down, we have the opportunity to realize that life is beautiful. We have the chance