Choose Love and Fear Will Disappear

“There’s your answer. If you’d listen to what you know instead of what you fear…” ~ Richard Bach

What if I told you that time is all happening right now, the past you, the present you, and the future you? Think about this: you can connect with the person you were as well as the person you will become at any point in time throughout your “present” life…this does not diminish the power and the choice of free will…because there are many past you’s, present you’s and future you’s depending on the choices you make, right now. I saw Neale Donald Walsch speak a few weeks ago, and he mentioned this theory in the form of a game. You buy a computer game…and on that game, there are many choices that you could make – you could take a right, left, straight, backwards, sideways, do various things on those turns and depending on what you choose, brings you to another place with another set of options because of those choices. However, all of those outcomes have already been created…you are just pulling from any of them at any given moment to bring an experience into your “reality.” What do you really want to experience, right now, that will bring you into the “future” that you want to experience as well? Choose it and act on it, now.

How does this relate to being with your soul mate? Well, you are already with your soul mate. If you asked your “future self,” he/she would say this, though if you truly were open to receiving what your “present self” is telling you, you would also know that you are currently with your soul mate. The truth is that you are never apart from your soul mate because you are within each other. When you connect with the essence of who you are, you must also connect with the essence of this mate, because you are always connected and are very similar. You can even communicate with each other on a level that transcends “time,” and space and distance, because those are all relative. You only need to connect within yourself, in the space within the spaces of your being where you already know this. Then follow the steps your higher self has laid out for you to fulfill the destiny you choose.

“If you want magic, let go of your armor.” ~Richard Bach

Fear is such a prominent emotion that we allow to rule our experience of life and love, though we merely need to believe and trust in our power to create and have whatever it is that we wish, in order to experience it. Honestly, stop and think about what you feel about love. Think about it: are you afraid? Are you afraid that someone would not like you, if they were to witness all of who you are? Are you afraid that someone may leave you after a certain period of time? Are you afraid that you may not like someone after you get to know who that person is? Can you love someone despite their perceived “faults?” Can you love yourself that way? You are never truly allowing yourself or someone else to fully experience love if you are holding yourself back because of anything that you are afraid of. Do you really want to experience love? Do you really want to live life? Do you truly want to BE within your experience of love? Let it go, let it all go, anything that is stopping you from being IN LOVE. Come from a place of love, act from a place of love, speak from a place of love, choose from a place of love – let fear go, and watch how your whole life changes. I dare you, I challenge you, I ask you, I love you to love.

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