Hold True to Your Vision and Let Ego Fall Away

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”
~Gail Devers

Those of us who are in the field of creative communication that put together words and messages for the masses sometimes find ourselves asking the following question: do I live the messages that I am giving? Existing in a human body, it is normal for us all to fall prey to human emotions, such as fear, doubt, frustration, disappointment, etc. Yet our spirit, our soul never leaves the place of love, for love is where we are truly being who we are. This is the truth. It is in the moments when these other emotions come through, that we are offered the chance to see the contrast so we can continue to choose love. Love never gives up, love believes always when it may seem like there is nothing left to hold onto.

I have to be honest and say that there are moments when I am not coming from the place of love as I am suggesting others to be in and this weekend was one of those moments. I put some strong intentions into the universe regarding my reunion with my soul mate and I have been intuitively receiving the information that our reunion will be occurring soon. I was able to attend an event where I was aware he would also be in attendance, and I had unintentionally created some expectations for the result of this day. When circumstances did not turn out in the way I had envisioned and anticipated, my emotions got the better of me. There was a moment when the thoughts had entered my mind, “How can I continue believing? What do I do now?” I was in a state of doubt and disappointment, frustration and sadness. At this time my mind could not perceive the “how” and the “when,” the in between stuff though I know the end result: that we will be together and are together now on many levels.

I then allowed myself to breathe (which is such an important part of releasing unwanted energy) and then looked at the evening as to what I had gained from it. Why had I attended this event? I was guided to attend and knew that I had to. I went by myself, had a great time, and realized that some collective beliefs about those in the media are false, people are people no matter what “position” or “status” they hold. How did I feel about the evening overall? I feel good. I was able to feel beautiful, and comfortable being in my own company, truly since I was physically on my own, and I was able to feel confident. Am I truly physically ever “apart” from my soul mate? No, this I know to be true, and the belief of separation is merely an illusion. Another truth: I was able to feel how strong my love has grown for him since the last time I was in his presence and I was able to see how our energies are operating on the same level of frequency.

What you believe will come true and manifest in your life if you believe it. This is what I had to connect with Sunday, no matter how much time I give myself in order for it to happen. Time is relative and exists all at the same time, and everything is occurring at exactly the perfect “time” for it all is transpiring in perfect divine order. When two people and love is concerned, both people need to be fully ready to receive the other and the circumstances need to be set up for them to connect. I know that it is truly a matter of “time” before we are truly and completely reunited.

I want you to know that I experience moments when life seems to be so heavy, when my steps seem to be heavy and I feel as though I am alone. These emotions are ok to feel. It is not a bad thing, but I want you to also know that you can get out of these emotions and return to love, to trust, to believing that you are walking the path of your today which is leading into the tomorrow you are desiring. You are never alone, even when you feel that you are. Keep believing no matter what you experience along your journey to your destinations for it truly is the journey that matters. It will make the destination that much more rewarding when you are physically there ~ know that everything that you encounter is preparing you to receive what it is you are intending to receive and experience and that nothing can alter the vision and the reality that you see and feel. It will happen in the perfect “time” and order, the place and circumstance. Never lose faith!

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
~Jonathan Swift

The next time you are confronted with any undesired outcome, result, or experience, just stop. Stop right in the middle of whatever’s going on. Just…stop.
Close your eyes for the smallest moment and say inside your head, “Thank you God.”
Take one good, deep breath and say it again.
“Thank you for this gift, and the treasure that it holds for me.”
Be assured that it does hold a treasure, even if you are not seeing it right now. Life will prove that to you, if you give it a chance.
~Neale Donald Walsch, Happier Than God

The next day many things happened to me to bring me the messages of what my full purpose was as to why I had to attend this event and what the outcome needed to be at this time. I am fully content knowing that I had to go for the reasons that were expressed to me, and that I am not to “give up.” 😉 However, the details of this is another story, for another book, at another “time.”

Please feel free to share your stories with me…we can always help each other back up.

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