Who You Are Reveals Who I Am

The light in your eyes makes me comfortable being who I am
And I am free,
though the truth is that I have always been free
now I am realizing that my freedom has existed,
persistent within me, all along
Touching skin is so powerful,
energy exchanges that move our souls to create
And appreciate who we are,
where we are,
the knowledge that we are always connected,
Always connecting.
I can feel you as you are living your heart’s desire
my love for you grows stronger with each breath you exhale
with each expression you reveal
I watch you from a distance
I know you with each vibration of your voice,
remembering our promise before we knew of each other in our perceived reality
reality is our souls merged together
each day that truth refreshes me – let it restore your energy too my love
I await your presence into my life.

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  1. Hey! I think this topic is very nice idea || I love it.

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