I Will Find You ~ A Message to Soul Mates/Twin Flames

I am posting this video and song, “I Will Find You,” (Clannad) in the hopes that those of you that are in the process of “physically” uniting with your soul mates/twin flames will find comfort in the truth that you are currently with him/her in your heart and consciousness. May you find peace in the truth of your emotions and knowingness that your connection and unity ARE in the process of manifesting into full physical reality before you…you will “find” each other by being content in this truth…and letting each day unfold before you as it does…by noticing the signs that come to you and then letting your heart guide you to the steps to take…don’t fear, don’t doubt…let love embrace you. Cultivate the interaction spiritually, as you are awake both in the daytime and during the nighttime. Talk to him/her as if he/she is there with you right now, take the actions to hold the hand, caress the face, look into the eyes…be still and quiet in the silence of the intimacy you share, you will be pleasantly amazed by the response you will receive. You will be with each other in the physical, as you are now with each other in your hearts…keep feeding that union…it is here NOW.

All my love profoundly,


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  1. Megan says:

    That is amazing. I just broke up with a soulmate. I was told that he was my twin flame, but I believe he is a karmic soulmate. I had the strength to let go of him and his subtle abusive nature by knowing that I deserve to, and will find my twin flame.

  2. Gabriella says:


    Sometimes, we need to part from our twin flames and then come back together when the time is right. We don’t always come together and stay together, because there are many challenges we encounter when coming together physically, and our role is to release all pieces of the ego so that we can continuously remain in the place of unconditional love. This is not always easy, and there are times that we need to part to heal and release layers of the ego before we can come back together.

    In addition, we also have soul mates that help us along our journey of experiencing unconditional love in each moment. These souls come and go for various amounts of “time,” in our lives. Your soul knows whether this particular person is a soul mate or your twin flame. Rest assured that you did the right thing if you feel it is what you needed to do, there is no “wrong” decision as we are always growing from each choice we make.

    Yes, you will absolutely reconnect with your twin flame, if it was this particular soul, OR another that you are already connected with in your heart.

    All my love,

  3. Teejay says:

    Just recently, about 4-5 weeks ago, I felt as though I was being watched. So i started drawing up pictures and writing up incantations of love and understanding, peace and care, to connect with my twin flame. In my opinion I believe Im almost completely there, I feel her around almost all the time now. It feels like my heart is exploding with joy. I believe her name is lotus, which i think is a beautiful name! It basically just started with feelings like I was being touched sometimes. At night Id feel the joy remotely for about 5 minutes at a time every few hours or so. Since I did my last incantation yesterday from this date, I have not felt her left me yet. I am ready to devote myself to god. I have already sworn that I will try to do all I can to make this world a better place. I have no idea where to begin, but I am an artist. So ill probably start drawing for people for free to make them happy. on my website where I post my work, you can see some of my artwork, under the name “Ilpalazzo.” I was scared when my friend mike told me that it could of been a demonic spirit that I summoned. I did not believe him. Something that feels this good cant be evil. He also told me that twin flames are BS. Excuse my language…. But there is too much proof here to deny it. If you can give me any input thatd be great. I learned alot from the sites ive read about twin flames. Me and lotus are about to begin our spiritual journey together. On the next full moon, I have no idea what will happen! BUT IM EXCITED 🙂

  4. Teejay says:

    Oh im also 24 🙂 my birthday is nov 7 1985

  5. Gabriella says:


    Your twin flame is always connected to you and her presence is always a part of you. Physical separation is only an illusion for your hearts are always together. Isn’t this exciting the communication that you have already experienced? Have fun with this excitement, and relax within it. Don’t let anyone lessen this excitement that you feel, and there is no “proof” that you need to make your experience real other than the knowing within you. No one will be able to know what you know and you can try to explain it to them, however, they have not had the experiences that you have, therefore, they won’t be able to understand it, even if they hear it. Don’t take that personally, for it is only what others know. Only you know the essence and energy of the being that you connected with, as no one else can be in that experience as you have. Would love to continue to share your journey with you…

  6. Kitawna says:

    This particular song was shared with my T.F. about a decade ago. Funny how every time I do hear it (since sharing it with my T.F), would throw us both onto the same synchronized level regardless of what we were doing or where we were in our journey’s. The reunion is quickly approaching as scents of jasmine haunt my olfactory senses and our paths are just so close to rejoining my T.F is the runner this time around) since the journey has drawn us closer (we both reside in the same state now and seem to walk in the similar circles in the fields we work in – as we have many mutual acquaintances and business associates and ties. The timing has not been right as the Universe and guides reveal answers and truths.

    I am glad to see that others have felt the depth and truth of this song and what Clannad has managed to convey in this particular composition. 😉

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