The Light is Exposing the Darkness, That’s All

You may have noticed that there is a theme going on in many writings (blogs, books, etc) as well as in other forms of media such as TV, and so much more: Love or Fear? It is time for us to let go of the fear because love does not exist if we are living in fear. There is a huge consciousness shift occurring right now in our world…the media is owned by huge corporations who try to control what news we know about (which tend to focus on the negative) to create fear so that we are easily controlled. Perhaps there is a little problem with our economic status as a country, and there needs to be steps to take to attempt to correct this, no doubt, however every little step can help to bring about any solution(s) we may need. I want to mention here that the worst thing you can do is to sit in front of the TV watching the news as this progresses as well as read the papers as opinions upon opinions, layered with fear upon fear that people are expressing.

We are all comprised of energy. Everything has energy, and when you place your energy on a thought, and that thought again, you give that thought (s) a lot of energy. It is a continuous cycle that just feeds onto itself. We have an election coming up very soon (I hope that everyone is registered to vote and plans on voting) and I believe that it is important to watch the debates so that you can thoroughly examine the opponents to see where your heart guides you. However, there are many tactics that are used in politics to belittle the other person and all of those things that are expressed over and over again in the news are not necessary.

How can we get rid of all this fear or at least diminish the intensity and effect that it has on us? One of the most powerful things you can do to counteract anything negative is to send the opposite energy towards it. Focus on the positive ~ how can you do that? Well, here is what I am going to challenge you to do: (we have free will in our world so you have a choice to do this or not but I can guarantee that you will notice some interesting changes within your world if you follow through with this) to not watch the news or read the news for one week. You can watch any debates that are on from now until 9am next Friday morning (October 10), but don’t read the newspaper or watch the news on TV. Instead, read another type of book, go outside and do something you have been meaning to do or just get some fresh air, anything but watch or listen to the news. Then, if you would like, come and share your experience with me…anything about it, for I would love to hear about it.

Something to ponder: Is there a reason that now is the time that the government decided to come out with this economic information considering that it is so soon before the election?

Take some time and read this below, taken from the book Say Yes to Love, God Unveils SoulMate Love and Sacred Sexuality by Yael and Doug Powell. You may visit their website at

Note: I = God

The Earth and all life in association with it is rising in frequency. Soon the vibration will be high enough that nothing negative can exist here. Think about this. This is what is meant by the New Age, the Golden Age, the Age of Peace. It is happening for I have decreed it (with your long ago agreement). So every particle of energy here is now accelerating, raising up, moving faster, becoming light. Light is the movement of Love, so obviously Love is becoming the reality here.

I know that, looking around, this does truly seem impossible to believe. But if you observe, you will see it, and your heart will verify it to you. The light is pouring in, the vibration is rising. As it does, the darker or lower vibrations will have to leave. It is just like turning on a light in a room. First, the darkness is revealed. Everything that is hiding in the dark is suddenly exposed. This is the stage you are in now. September 11th and all that it has brought forth is this exposure. And while I do not want your creative power ever placed on the fleeing darkness in any acceptance of its reality, I do have a suggestion. If you will even glance at what is being done now as a result of that first exposure (the terrorist attack), you will see that what is happening is one thing after another is being forced into the light. The real inhuman policies of your government and the unmitigated allegiance to greed, the exposure of the true feelings (darkness) between Israel and Palestine are all revealed. Dear ones, it will get worse before it gets better, as all these things that were hidden are exposed by the incoming light.

Having said this, I now must say with great force, you must not put any of your attention on the darkness that is being exposed. You can acknowledge what is really happening (the increasing light exposing the darkness) and you must then send Love.

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