Romance Movies Really Do Have Love Right

You know that type of feeling that you get after watching a romance movie? Ya know the kind where you feel as if there is a love that can truly move you, a love so strong that it makes you feel alive, a love that is so intense that it does ultimately make you only focus on the reality and existence of it…because it is that reality and existence that helps to make you feel a reason for living and breathing…the truth is that love is your reason for living, as it is mine…we are meant to be in love, to speak in love, act in love, breathe in love, make love, create love, express love, feel love, and to allow ourselves to receive the deepest love that our souls and hearts can imagine. This love is why we decided to take on the journey of becoming human and living a physical life…so that we could fully experience the power and overwhelming encompassing intoxication and beauty of this love, this love that can make our human bodies feel as if we aren’t human, but spiritually having a profound incarnation of emotion. Oh, the intensity of it for sure is powerful!

I am here to tell you that you are loved more than you can believe as no words could even attempt to express how much you are truly and utterly, completely and totally loved by another soul that has promised upon lifetime upon lifetime through time and within time, beyond time and above time, to love you. This love extends beyond distance, expectations, limitations, intentions, expressions, and any other barrier that you could create within yourself, around yourself, beside yourself so that you don’t allow yourself to feel the power of this emotion at this level. Ah, but this type of love can awaken your memory to the promise you have made with your own soul as to what you wanted to accomplish in this life. Why deny yourself the natural right that is yours, which is to enjoy this physical experience of living, loving and giving, being and enjoying who you are in all its wonder and beauty? Hold on to that feeling you get after you watch a romance movie…it is there for a reason, to help you to remember that this love does exist and that you can have it, feel it, and receive it, if you allow yourself to!

2 comments on “Romance Movies Really Do Have Love Right
  1. Roy Chesley says:

    First off, what movie did you watch and secondly, I find this post very encouraging and hopeful. Life has a way of beating the innocence out of you and make you cynical. It’s encouraging to know that there is a love so strong that it can awake you up to life. I find that very hopeful and down-right beautiful.

    Thanks for the post


  2. admin says:

    Ah yes, that was a little bit of information that I withheld didn’t I? Well, I was referring to pretty much the feeling after you watch any romance movie, however the two that I recently watched are Made Of Honor and The Lake House. 😉 And yes, I am glad that you found this post encouraging and hopeful, because this type of love does exist and you can have it, if you choose to…stay tuned for a post about the honeymoon stage in a relationship, because that NEVER has to end 😉


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