The Master Cleanse and Establishing a Healthy Relationship with Food

I have just finished the Master Cleanse to detox my body from everything that has accumulated in my system over the years, 31 years to be exact. 😉 WOW! I have to share all that I have learned throughout this experience and also how wonderful I feel. There are so many diets that you can participate in that are getting their own publicity, but wouldn’t you want to find a healthy way to rid your body of the toxins that have collected and in the process lose weight, feel better as well as establish a new, healthy relationship with food? This is one way that I have used to do it and I feel great! You can find information on the details of the Master Cleanse if you go to but I would also recommend you getting the book by Peter Glickman. You can search his name on google or Amazon and find his book. He adapted the info from Stanley Burroughs, who is the original writer of the Cleanse. I didn’t get that book but heard that there is more info in there too. There is a lot of useful websites that you can take a look at as to the healing properties of Cayenne Pepper and if you like it and can stand it, I would recommend getting in a habit of drinking cayenne tea. I add lemon juice in mine to make the taste a little more pleasant.

Ok, so this cleanse is to eliminate solids foods from your system for at least 10 days though you may do the cleanse longer than that if you choose. I won’t go into the details of the cleanse because you can find that out in the above mentioned locations. However, I do want to tell you what I have learned in the process.

1. I was able to distinguish the feeling within my body for hunger vs craving. By day 3, I was wanting to eat something, mainly when I was in the grocery store purchasing more lemons, and found that once I listened to the feeling my body was creating, I noticed that it wasn’t hunger, but a craving. One way to determine this is whether or not you are wanting to eat anything, or if it is something in particular. Because a craving is when you want something specific, but if you are hungry, anything would look good to eat.

2. I realized that there are unhealthy reasons that we, as a society, have chosen to eat when we aren’t hungry. For example, I didn’t want to just stay home while I was on the cleanse, I still wanted to get together with friends, and I found that when someone invited me somewhere, they asked to go to lunch or dinner. I noticed that we are always consuming food, and it tends to be as a social means of getting together with each other. So, instead, I offered going to see a movie or playing games together at home rather than going out to eat. Food does not always have to be involved when you get together with people.

3. You can allow yourself to go out to a restaurant with someone or to an event that has food, but you don’t have to eat. If you aren’t hungry, it is ok to get a drink but to still be part of the experience. If you wanted to get some soup or something small, you can do that. One of the reasons we tend to become overweight is because we have developed a habit of eating when we aren’t hungry because of the atmosphere that we are in.

4. Have you experienced hunger feelings when you are staying up later at night and then go to eat something? Then you realize that you weren’t actually hungry, but that you were a bit bored? This can happen too. If you stay up late, and start to feel yourself getting hungry, I would suggest drinking water and/or going to bed, or even switch your mindset and do something else to get your thoughts away from eating.

5. You may find that you want to eat because you want comfort or company. Perhaps you don’t have any plans and will be alone for the night. You can develop a feeling of wanting to eat because it is something that is filling you and keeping you company. I would recommend again, changing your thoughts to do something you enjoy, because it really can be just a change of perspective that is needed.

6. Do you have to eat three meals a day? The answer is no. The media has ingrained in our subconscious that we need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is not true. Our ancestors ate when they were hungry and it is the same with us. We need not eat just because it is a certain time and that time is designated for putting something in our mouths. One reason that we have been told this is again, for consumption. If we are eating at least 3 meals a day and then having snacks in between, then we are consuming more food, right? Don’t let yourself get into this trap. Eat when you are hungry. You will find that you aren’t that hungry.

7. What have I learned other than these? Well, I am not craving foods that I used to crave. When you allow your mind to open to be able to listen to what your body is saying, then you will find that you no longer want to put those things in your body that don’t make you feel good. If you can continue to eat healthy once off the cleanse and to develop an exercise routine, as well as allowing yourself to drink more water, you should be able to keep the weight off and continue to feel better every day. You will also realize that you get full faster and are eating less as well as less portions when you do eat.

I am breathing better, standing straighter, have more energy, not blowing my nose hardly, which is a miracle for me. I was nicknamed the tissue queen! LOL

If you go on the cleanse after reading this or you have already done the cleanse, please feel free to comment to share your experience with me and with others.

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6 Comments on “The Master Cleanse and Establishing a Healthy Relationship with Food

  1. Hi Gabriella!
    Thank you so much for these lessons. It’s so important to hear these things in today’s (unhealthy) food-obsessed culture.
    I may try out the Master Cleanse sometime especially since you had such a great experience with it, but for now the only experience I can really relate is that I have changed my diet to be entirely plant-based. I used to eat anything and everything and plenty of it, but once I stopped eating anything that contained animal products (a feat that increased tenfold my consciousness of what I was putting into my mouth), I seriously reduced my cravings for many different types of food and stopped to think if I really wanted to put something in my body (vegan or not). I used to want ice cream or something sweet and creamy or chewy and comforting after dinner every night. When I stopped eating dairy, I substituted this habit with soy or rice ice creams. These desserts were gentler on my body, and they actually helped wean me from this need I would have every night for the ice cream or something comparable. Eventually, the physical desire for this dessert was gone, but I soon had other issues. In place of the craving, I noticed I would experience a lot of negative feelings: sadness, depression, desperation, loneliness. The thing was that I had, for years, been suppressing those emotions with food for the longest time – shoving and weighing them down into my body so they didn’t dare surface. It is really interesting how food can be your greatest ally or enemy. So, by cleansing myself of so many foods I used to eat, I was able to confront some emotions that I would have completely numbed myself to if I never changed my diet and had become very conscious of what I was putting into my body. Fasting from foods we have become so accustomed to (or all foods in your case) is a great way to help ourselves evolve.
    As long as we are on this topic, I must recommend for you or anyone else who may read this comment two very lovely books by Doreen Virtue. I just love her because she really helps people to heal themselves. They are Losing Your Pounds of Pain and Eating in the Light.
    As usual, I love your insight! And I love you too!

  2. Thanks for sharing Lindsey! Yes, it is the emotions behind the habits we create around food that need to be confronted and dealt with so that we can release those unhealthy patterns, and when we do, the result is just amazing, as you know. I love you too! 😉

  3. I agree you have to eat health , my question is can drink the master cleanser and eat or can i eat and drink at night before bed time wich one would recomend

    thank you nadia

  4. Hi Nadia!

    On the master cleanse, the only things you can consume in your body are water, mint tea, and the master cleanse mix. You cannot eat any other liquid or solid foods. Your mind may perceive this as not being healthy at first and you may not believe that you can do it, but let me tell you that you will notice such a difference in your body. You will feel so much better and you will start to understand the difference between hunger and cravings. Many times we think that we are hungry when really we are just craving particular foods. Hope this helps, AND let me know if you go through with this process…I’d love to share your experience with you.

    All the best,

  5. I suffered from stomach pain and burning mostly, couldn’t sleep well and just hated those extra pounds I couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did. Now I stumbled upon this system that is easy and it doesn’t require expensive medication or difficult exercises.

  6. Been using the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse for 3 years now (about 3 x per year) and I am SO happy I discovered it on the internet. I had never been regular even as a child, but these pills work magic for me. I’m guaranteed results the next morning. No cramps or other problems, just good results.

    In the past 3 days I have lost 6 pounds of waste. My appetite is down and I feel great. I’m taking 2 pills a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. There is no stomach cramping, although my stomach has made a couple of growling noises at me a warning that it is time to go to the bathroom..but other than real problems

    Looking forward to more waste (weight) loss…hip-hip-hooray!!! I definitely recommend them for women looking for a great cleanse to do!

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