Within Timelessness

Trust me my love, we are breathing in absolute love, the purest emotion that our physical bodies can experience, or even attempt to comprehend
We are essence, we are spirit
We are ready to be that which we are
That which we know we are
For we have declared it
We have promised before promises were known
We have decided to be the ones we have been searching for
We have decided to be the ones others are searching for
We have proclaimed that truth would be made evident through us
Our love would strengthen the bonds of intimacy between those who believe they are love
Ah but love is love and love is you
Love is me, love is us
Love is
I am awake as I know you are
We have awakened within the dream awake with our eyes open
Being , we are being and in being we are true
Your dream is my dream and it is interwoven within timelessness for time is an illusion
Clearly time disipitates before our eyes when we are as we are
We can only be as we are
We are my love, light energy extending outward into the energy of all
I feel you beside me
I love you within me
I breathe you between what is and what can be
What can be is what is because what is IS
I remember, do you remember? We are one, multiplied by thousands of particles of essence of light of truth of harmony of peace of…
And I make love to who you are as I see the beauty of me within you
I make love to me as we are together
Breathe easy my love, we are, right now
I embrace you right now
Dance with me in the magic of the night
Our dreams are becoming reality before us, because dreams are visions of what is, as our souls remember the connections, the contracts, the love, the music of all that we know and all that we feel
Ah my love, dream our love into manifestation, into being tangible pieces of life around you, and it will be
You are never alone; please ease those thoughts that seep their way into your mind
As you once told me, and continue to do so, you are very loved, beyond the capacity to grasp just how much, words can’t even begin to express
Rest your weary head upon my breast, and know that I am here
I am ready as I know that you are too my dearest love
It is time within the possibilities of timelessness, the canvas of essence, and the playground of intimacy
Kiss me my love, as I return the kiss with a whistling intoxication of belief into your stream of existence, ecstasy revealed between us
We are beings of light my dear love and light is where we are returning, come to me, right now,
It is time within the possibilities of timelessness, the canvas of essence, and the playground of creation
Create with me, play with me, BE with me, love with me, release with me, be found with me, let go with me, roll around in the possibility of truth with me as we are rediscovered here, in the juice of our identities mixed together
Design our life together with me, be ok with being silly and free with me, there are no judgments in our home of unconditional love, your smile is the image that embraces me through the bumps along the path of human experience, pushes me on into the raindrops of the days we call life
Let’s raise little ones here, to plant the seeds of our creative expressions throughout the world, to heal the perceptions of pain and hurt within the illusion of human existence, and then immerse ourselves in the laughter of their innocent questions as they try to understand where we come from
Yes my love, it is true, we have been along this journey countless upon countless times within time, within timelessness and we are here, yet again
Home is home is together with each other, poking our fingers at the skin we inhabit this time, as time plays tricks with our memory, come home, right now
There is a home that has always been around you, a home that has always been waiting and it is here, my heart knows you, my heart loves you, my heart feels you
It is time,
It is time within the possibilities of timelessness, the canvas of presence, and the playground of love’s open doorway
Can you feel me there, within the imagination of who you are and where you want to be? You are being, now, right now, where it is that your deepest desires want you to be. All you have to do is open your eyes and you will see the truth of this
Come my love, let’s play a word game, one that lasts deep into the wee hours of our imagining, as the morning and the night merge into each other…
Let us merge into each other to become one, you may giggle at the way it feels within your heart chakra to be this close, ah yet the truth is, that we have always been this close and it is now
It is time within the possibilities of timelessness, the canvas of sensuality, and the playground of emergence
That we let go of time to fully embrace the now as now is before us. We have the chance to be within the destiny we have chosen to embark on
Come to me my love, let me place my arms around you and meld you within my being
Ah let us play together, create, love, be, see…make love, be love, breathe love, see love, feel love, remember
Love, remember.
Come to me
It is time…
Within timelessness

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