Yes Man: Limit your Use of the Word No and Experience Life

We can limit our experiences of life if we let fear, or other limiting feelings and beliefs stop us from experiencing the many aspects of life that are there for us to take part in. This movie presents the humorous perspective on saying yes to every single opportunity or experience that comes your way. Jim Carrey finds so many things to happen as a result of saying yes to suggestions, etc that come his way. This movie offers this perspective in a very humorous way, though ends with some wonderful insights: that we have the right to choose how we will react in any given circumstance, and that we don’t have to unconsciously take whatever comes our way, but we can feel where we need to be and take the steps to having an active role in our lives on the path to happiness in each moment. In this realization, also comes the message that we are to let go of fear and our perceived idea of “safety” so that we can have fun along our journey of life and experience all that we desire.

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