Soul Mate Partings and Reunions

Before I get into a discussion about soul mate partings and reunions, I want to just go into the definition of soul mate and the definition of twin flame. I’d also like to use the analogy of the ladder because to me it symbolizes the journey of your life with more than one soul mate very well. There is definitely more than one soul mate. Everyone that you choose to be with at the time you choose to be with them, is a soul mate. You have come together at that point in time, choosing to be together for certain reasons that may not be to your conscious awareness but on a soul level, you are both choosing to be together for growth, healing and many other reasons. Sometimes these relationships last a short time or they could last longer but the impact is still important for your journey.

A soul mate is somebody who challenges you and the higher that you get in your soul mate relationships, the more challenging it can be. When you are in a relationship with a soul mate, that other has lots of qualities that are similar to who you are and you will also have some qualities that are different. The qualities that are similar to you, bring who you are to your awareness. There may be some things within your own character, within your beliefs, your emotions that you may not particularly like or that you are working through. This other person is going to bring these things into your awareness and how you handle it, is what is most important. The ego has an opportunity here to come in when you are confronted with challenges. You can recognize the ego and it can be a guide on your journey, to help you to be aware of something that you want to release or perception that you may want to change.

The twin flame is the highest form of soul mate. Some people say that this person is the other half of you and in a way this is true because this other person is the opposite energy of you. If you have male energy, then this energy is female energy, and vice versa but that does not mean that this person will come through in the form of the opposite sex. This person can come through as a female even if you are female but one of you would have more of the vibration of male energy for there is a balance there. This relationship, the twin flame, is meant to elevate you to the highest level possible of unconditional love. But of course, there is no limit to unconditional love. It is continuous even when you change physical shape, when you leave this physical body and transform into spirit form, you are still growing through unconditional love. This twin flame relationship is romantic but not only romantic. It’s very important when twin flames physically come together in a lifetime, to love each other but in that love, they create together, and then offer their love to the world. They are in service to the world, helping at this time, the earth and the world, to raise the level of love consciousness.

I like to use the analogy of a ladder because as you are going up the ladder, it gets higher and it gets higher and you get higher. Your relationships get into a higher space of unconditional love as you progress through them. You need each one of those rungs as you are climbing the ladder. You need each one of those relationships as you are going through your journey to elevate you to be ready for the next relationship, to receive the next relationship and to ultimately, reunite with your twin flame, the highest soul mate relationship, when you are at the top of the ladder.

I want to talk about soul mate partings. There may be relationships that are for a certain period of time. There may be someone that you have met and your soul recognizes this other as your twin flame. There are many times that this can occur. You may come together with your twin flame but then there may be more growth you both need, or that one of you needs. You may need to possibly experience other relationships still. You may need to go through other individual experiences and situations for healing and growth in order to be ready to come back together to fully receive, in a deeper space of unconditional love, the relationship with your twin flame. You may need to part for a while with your twin flame. This is not a negative, it is not a bad thing. It is also important to recognize this and to know that just because there is a physical parting, does not mean it is forever.

I want to go back to the analogy of the ladder. As I’ve said, you are going up the ladder and you need one rung in order to get to the next one, and that one to get to the next one as it goes on and on. Sometimes there may be a rung that is completely missing or maybe it’s cracked and needs repairing. Maybe there’s a piece chipped and it needs an additional piece there. This doesn’t mean you can’t still rise up the ladder. It just means that you are repairing it, that you are in the process of repairing and healing it so that you can then continue along to elevate yourself. Sometimes, you may be able to skip over that rung as it is being repaired, while the other person is going through some healing, and continue along to other relationships/experiences, then come back down to meet that soul again but it is at a different level. Even though you are still on the ladder, as it’s being repaired, you are elevating yourself and this other soul is healing and growing at the same time. You are able to come back together at the top.

You will be reunited with your highest soul mate, your twin flame, when the time is right. In the previous newsletter, I discussed soul contracts. Your soul has made a contract with this other soul. On a soul level, you know exactly when you are going to come back in contact if you have not already. It is a matter of patience and allowing yourself to be in the moment, to experience everything that is being brought to you now so that you allow yourself the opportunity to heal, you allow yourself the opportunity to grow. It is in that healing, it is in that growth, it is in being IN the moment that you are aware of the signs and the divine guidance around you, guiding you to the next step for you to take to be ready to receive this love that you desire. It is not the destination that is important, it is the journey. The destination will be awesome but the journey is just as awesome. When you can take a step back and look at your journey, every step of the way, how you have been guided and everything that has occurred in your life, what you have learned from those experiences, what you have learned from those relationships, you can see how beautiful every step is and how you can’t rush through every step. You can’t rush through the steps for it’s part of your growth, it’s part of the journey, part of the healing, part of the preparation to be in that relationship. When you recognize this, you will see how much easier it is for you to be in the space of gratitude, to appreciate every person, every relationship that you are in. It is easier to appreciate every experience that you have had, that you are having and that you will have as well as to trust in the divine guidance and order of things, the soul contracts that you have made with those that you encounter.

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4 Comments on “Soul Mate Partings and Reunions

  1. Thanks for inspiring me that twinflames parting ways is just temporal until such time they sort things out, healing and growing that has to take place.

  2. Hi .i am 52 yr old woman that looks 30 who has just finished dateing a 30 yr old for 3 yrs.we love each other dearly and experienced things between us with no other..our connection is so strong our cords could never b broken as they were so strong.the reason for our seperation is culture and age.he is croation ..we wrote out a contract and burnt it together .it stated we could b friends down the track but void in any other livrs past ..present and future.we both hesitantly signed..Can this be reversed ? I didnt want to do it and i want hiwe wem back..We both signed contract before we burnt partener felt a stab in the heart when i signed ..i was in tears ..will he come back..?
    kim churc

  3. this was the answer i was looking for, i now have a better understanding of my situtation. thank you for writing this!

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