Can the Heart Ever Be Wrong?

Q I believe I have met my Twin Flame and have experienced many signs and synchronicities after meeting him. I have gone through everything I have read about what it feels like to have found your twin flame. And above all, in my heart I absolutely KNOW it’s him. But we haven’t yet expressed our feelings to each other and I don’t
know when that will happen if it ever does. But I do feel that he
feels something for me too. However without any confirmation, I often
lose hope and think that it’s all in my head. It’s a pretty crazy
situation to be in. I just hold on to what my heart tells me and try
to be patient, and let the universe speak for itself. I don’t know
how to proceed ahead in this and am always thinking if I do/say
something wrong I’m going to make things go the wrong way and break
the connection. Any advice you have? Could the inner voice and the
knowing of the heart ever be wrong?

A The inner voice and the knowing of the heart is never wrong. What makes it feel that way at times is the ego, coming through you and also other people if you share with them what your heart is telling you. You may have experienced that what you feel is truth and “knowing” for you can’t be explained to another. Well, you can try to explain it and they may hear you but they probably won’t understand it because those feelings, that confirmation, that heart knowing is for you as it is your truth, your path. I feel that we make a soul plan before we come into physical incarnation, including a plan with our twin flame, and the universe does guide us along the way. Our only job is to notice the signs around us and to remember what we planned to experience on Earth…but in addition to this plan, we were given free will, so that both you and your twin have a choice to choose to be physically together and in what capacity of relationship with each other.

The thing to remember here is that you are never separated from your twin. When either of you are in relationship with another person, you are both experiencing through it and if you are having other experiences/challenges (opportunities for growth) then you are both growing through this together. There is always a communication through thoughts, emotions and dreams. Have faith in this…I would recommend you listening to my TV interview I had in Hawaii. The link is here: It will help you with this concept.

The other thing is that nothing is ever a mistake, but every experience offers chances to grow within raising our consciousness in unconditional love and knowing that we are really never separated from each other. Believe me, I have had my share of experiencing these types of emotions while awaiting the reunion with my twin flame, so I understand the roller coaster ride of emotions and the doubt that can push its way through at times. The best thing I can tell you when this happens is to reconnect with your heart, your inner knowing, and keep the faith of what you know to be happening at the perfect moment. There is a balance that is needed to not keep you in the space of waiting and wondering, knowing that everything is in divine and perfect order as well as allowing yourself to be in the moment right now, enjoying life to the fullest.